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Custom solutions to revolutionise your warehouse

Supplier: Signet
26 June, 2013

Signet wants to help optimise your warehouse operations with storage, despatch, and safety solutions.

Last month we talked about improving your branding with Signet’s custom packaging solutions and how making your business recognisable and keeping branding consistent can equal business success. This time, Signet wants to help optimise your warehouse operations with storage, despatch, and safety solutions. Having the ability to customise these processes has many advantages for a business as it ensures processes are consistent, efficient and optimised while ensuring the company still reaps branding benefits.

Once again, Signet can help with these custom solutions – offering an easy and accurate process to create these items for you.

Custom Hard Hats

Custom hard hats are a protective wear item that can set your business apart while providing ultimate head comfort and safety. The helmets are available in a range of sizes and can have your company logo printed on each helmet up to 4 times – meaning your company’s branding is visible from all angles!

The helmets are available in white, yellow, fluoro yellow, orange, fluoro orange, grey, red, green, watermelon and blue, and come in either vented or unvented. Your logo can be printed up to 4 times with up to 4 colour printing by a customised printing plate. These helmets are certified to AS/NZS 1801:1997 standards and are geared for comfort and balance with a lightweight, 6 point Terylene harness.

Custom Signs

Signs make an area or process more clear, understandable and safe, so being able to customise any sign onsite can be invaluable to anyone from visitors to longtime employees. Any industry standard sign can be customised – from hazard to notice or a mandatory sign, or you can simply design your own if you aren’t wanting to use an industry format.

Signet is able to customise colourbond metal or polypropylene signs in a variety of sizes and layouts. The list of industry standard formats available include: hazard, notice, prohibition, mandatory, danger, warning, and safety first, or you can specify your own by selecting the colour of text and background with industry icons available to choose from.

Custom Doculopes

Like custom tape, customising doculopes (also known as “invoice enclosed’ slips) will give your despatch process the benefits of a plan or printed doculope with the added advantage of displaying your company logo and name. This branding tool establishes a company as professional and as having a well-thought
out and efficient despatch process.

Custom doculopes are available in a white or red doculope with the customised section being black text on a yellow background for high visibility.

Custom Stencil

Storage, despatch and labeling can be vastly improved with Signet’s custom stencils. The possibilities are endless for a custom stencil – they can be used for just about anything from labeling products and pallets, to marking areas in the warehouse to marking vehicles. In addition to text and numerals, custom stencils can also display your company name and logo for added professionalism and branding.

Stencils are available in 3 different materials to meet customer’s preferences: mylar, blue poly and zinc. You can select the size of the characters to be used and design the overall layout. Signet also makes high quality aerosol stencil spray in 13 different colours, so we’ve got you covered from start to finish!

In addition to these warehouse custom solutions, Signet offers custom branders, sigtags, tags and timber wrap (and don’t forget the custom packaging solutions!) For more information or to view our full range of warehouse and safety supplies go to www.signet.net.au.