Custom weighing-in-motion weighbridge for Indonesia

Supplier: AccuWeigh
18 December, 2015

AccuWeigh recently designed, fabricated, supplied and commissioned a custom weighing-in-motion (WIM) axle weighbridge to an industrial services company in Indonesia. The WIM has been heavily engineered to meet the demanding vehicle loads expected to traverse over it.

Being located in Indonesia, where high rainfall levels are typical, the WIM’s foundation was designed to incorporate clean-out sumps either side of the weigher aiding operators during cleaning operations and allowing small bobcats to remove sludge from the sumps.

Weighing-in-motion is a very efficient way of weighing vehicles, especially vehicles with multiple axles, as they do not need to stop to perform weighing. They simply roll forward at a consistent and gentle pace until all axles are weighed.

AccuWeigh's IT9000E intelligent weigh terminal efficiently sums the axle weights and stores vehicle data and transmits the weight reading to a highly visible remote display for the driver to read. Drivers carry a unique RF tag in their cab to identify their vehicle and use their tag with a tag reader located at each end of the WIM approaches. The WIM can be used in either direction.

Although this is a custom WIM system, AccuWeigh has provided many standard WIM systems to a diverse range of Australian companies and is a popular product that meets Chain of Responsibility obligations for product transport and logistics.

And one of AccuWeigh's strengths is providing customise systems, unlike many of our competitors that can only provide out-of-the-box weighing solutions. AccuWeigh’s access to engineering consultants ensures that we can build robust vehicle weighing solutions for all of our customers.

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