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Customer Management Accounting Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

CAPITAL's business software can support an unlimited number of customer accounts and can maintain an unlimited transaction history on each.

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Transactions update your customer accounts as they are entered. There are no "end of period processes" or "roll overs" in CAPITAL, so there is no extra work managing the system at the end of the month.

Users can work in an unlimited number of periods simultaneously, and transactions may be entered and edited for any day of the month or year and back or forward dated as required (subject to the security restrictions that are put in place for each user).

CAPITAL's customer management software will handle your accounts receivable needs.

Efficient Access - Quick, efficient on-screen inquiry, allowing professional and timely customer service.

No More "Roll-overs!" - No “end of period processes” or special procedures need to be run at the end of month or end of year. Ageing is fully automatic.

Contact Details - Maintains phone, fax, mobile numbers, e-mail, web site. Other numbers such as pager, etc., can easily be added by the user. Add multiple email addresses, contact names, etc., to suite your exact business needs using the Screen Builder visual customisation tool.

Unlimited History - Information for all customers is kept on file for as long as required. Easily reprint invoices, statements etc., whenever required. Requests for duplicate invoices can be handled whilst still on the phone and can be immediately faxed when used in conjunction with Capital fax and Email Manager software.

User Defined Screen - The contents and the appearance of the customer screen can easily be altered. Up to 6 tabbed pages (screens) of information can be added to the customer accounts database. Users can create their own input fields to existing screens for additional comment lines, special instructions, phone numbers, references and more.

Unlimited Searches - Search instantly on account code, name, or contact, or use a "key-word" search to location information on any field, including suburb, street address, phone number, salesperson, drawer name, bank details, etc. Text search all fields at once.

Multiple Delivery Addresses - Unlimited delivery addresses per customer and optional access to delivery details from other customers.

Multi-Currency - Handle an unlimited number of foreign currency types and accounts.

Multi-Departments - Accounts can be assigned to departments (income & cost centres) for separation into divisions or companies. Accounts may be "locked" to a particular department or may cross departments depending on the transaction type.

Account Grouping - Group customer accounts by category, i.e., industry type, as well as by department/business unit.

99 Note Pads - Unlimited length note information can be maintained for each customer in up to 99 sections. Useful for recording “request for payment” conversations, product inquiries, and contact details, etc. Notes can be printed on forms, labels and reports. Entries can be optionally date/time/user stamped and this option can be controlled by individual note pad.

Reminders - Reminder messages and special alerts can pop-up when accounts are accessed.

Central Billing - Full support for head office and sub-accounts (branches) for your accounts receivable system. View individual account balances and total balances on-screen. Supports credits and payments across accounts.

Hold Accounts - Put accounts on hold, specify whether statements or penalties should be issued and whether back orders are acceptable.

Fees and Penalties - Calculate penalties and account maintenance fees for all accounts, selected accounts, trading terms or by account category.

Edit/Re-print In All Periods - Customer transactions may be edited, security permitting, in any accounting period. Invoices, credits, .etc., can be re-printed as many times as required. The security system can also prevent users from doing this.

Apply Fees Selectively - Fees or penalties can apply to all transactions or transactions that are overdue by specified periods. A different fee can also be set for each period. Fees can be limited to accounts that are over a minimum amount. Fees can be assigned to a particular transaction type and can be issued on a separate transaction number sequence.

Auto Fee Reversal - Customer penalty transactions can be removed from the system after an issue, and then issued again, allowing easy correction of mistakes.

Banking Details - Banking Details are kept on file.

3 Ageing Methods - Supports up to three different types of ageing: Calendar month, ageing on credit terms and by specified due dates. Due date ageing which can be set and controlled by individual transaction.

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