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Customer success story: Profit Systems Inc.

Supplier: Maximizer Software
31 July, 2012

Maximizer CRM provides software manufacturer with the key tool to manage operations at every stage of the sales and customer life cycle.

 Founded in 2000, Processia is based in Canada with offices in the UK and France. Profi t Systems Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of three software solutions: EventPro, for individual facilities and venues that host and manage events; EventPro Planner, specifically designed for Event Planners who organise all aspects of events with multiple venues; and PMXpert, software for managing preventive maintenance of facilities and vehicles.

Solution description

For the past five years, Profit Systems has used Maximizer CRM extensively throughout its organisation as a key tool for managing customer information, tracking opportunities, managing extensive marketing campaigns and delivering training and customer service.

From front-line contact with customers and prospects to customer service, training, and product development, Maximizer CRM provides Profit Systems with a solution that helps them manage its entire operations most efficiently.


The flexible design of Maximizer CRM allowed for a seamless implementation when Profit Systems migrated from an existing home-grown system over five years ago.

A Maximizer CRM power-user, Profit Systems has kept current with all recent upgrades in order to support the major functions of its business operations.

Profit Systems' business challenges

  • A high volume of leads to manage from three product websites
  • Marketing requires a tool to automate marketing campaigns
  • Sales requires a solution to help track opportunities and share information
  • An efficient solution to help schedule and track client training and handle customer service contract renewals is needed
  • A tool to track and resolve customer service issues for client satisfaction and product development is needed


  • Centralise sales, service and training information across the enterprise
  • Increase the visibility of leads in the sales cycle
  • Improve customer service and after-care
  • Gather feedback to improve product quality
  • Expand communication with clients and prospects
  • Automate marketing cycles


  • Improved tracking and qualification of leads for better efficiencies and targeted marketing
  • Automated marketing campaigns and ability to measure results
  • Enterprise-wide visibility at every step of the sales and service cycle
  • Improved customer service tracking and achievement of targets
  • Better scheduling of training and contract renewals
  • Improved efficiencies across all departments

Profit Systems Inc – leveraging the powerful functionality of Maximizer® CRM across the organisation

As a software developer and distributer, Profit Systems Inc. manufactures three different software solution: EventPro, for individual facilities and venues that host and manage events; EventPro Planner, specifically designed for Event Planners who organise all aspects of events with multiple venues; and PMXpert, software for managing preventive maintenance of facilities and vehicles.

Established in 1985, Profit Systems gained an immediate foothold in the software marketplace, and now counts Fortune 100 companies among their wide range of clients from a variety of industries. In addition to manufacturing software products, Profit Systems also provides training, support and custom development for clients worldwide.

Profit Systems originally chose Maximizer CRM based on its robust functionality, to help them market and sell their own software solution as well as provide customer service and ongoing customer care.

Today, Maximizer CRM has become the key tool for Profit Systems' operations, and the company continues to find new ways to take advantage of its capabilities with each version upgrade.

Maximizer CRM – marketing, customer service, and business performance

Profit Systems chose Maximizer CRM to replace its home-grown CRM system over five year ago, in order to automate some of their sales and marketing functions and improve their customer service.

Used within every department in the organisation, Maximizer CRM "is the hub of everything that we do," according to Troy Wruck, Director of Sales and Marketing for Profit Systems.

The Contact Management, Marketing, and Opportunity Modules in Maximizer are used by sales to track prospects and clients at every stage of the sales cycle.

Using the Marketing Module, Profit Systems runs automated, integrated marketing campaigns to turn leads into sales.

The company also uses the system to communicate with their client base through newsletters and pricing promotion emails.

Profit Systems leverages the detailed tracking within Maximizer's Marketing Module to gain visibility into which marketing initiative provides the greatest return on investment.

According to Wruck: "Based on campaigns that we do through Maximizer and the ability to better segment our lists and track what is working, we are getting more bang for our marketing buck."

The Calendar Module is used extensively to schedule client training, which is a strong revenue-generator for Profit Systems.

This module is also used for after-care service, such as scheduling follow-up service calls and reminders to account representatives to remain in touch with clients in order to respond to future needs.

The Service Module is of critical importance to Profit Systems, as it not only manages and tracks customer service issues, but utilises that data to provide insight into future development trends, which helps the company to ultimately create a better solution for its customers.

Action plans are also created in Maximizer to set reminders for service contract renewals, another important source of revenue generation for Profit Systems.

As a result of the tracking capabilities in Maximizer CRM and the visibility gained into key metrics, Profit Systems was able to build a case for hiring an additional resource in their customer service organisation, responsible for building custom reporting for their clients.

Using Maximizer CRM has allowed Profit Systems to generate and close more leads, improve marketing effectiveness and customer service, accurately track spending and improve internal processes, and ultimately enable the company to provide a better solution for their customers.

Future plans – leveraging the latest features and mobile CRM

Looking ahead, Profit Systems plans to continue using the Opportunities Module in Maximizer CRM to better forecast revenue targets and analyse their sales pipeline.