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Customer testimonial: Pirramimma Wines

Supplier: Impresstik Systems
01 February, 2010

Pirramimma Wines of McLaren Vale, South Australia, is a long-established premium wine producer - with a 114 year history. The company recently launched Pirra as a reduced alcohol wine boasting the same quality characteristics of the rest of the Pirramimma range.

Pirramimma’s Winemaker, Geoff Johnston, explains that the wine quality is achieved through a "simple process of alcohol separation using a reverse osmosis technique."

Following an alcolhol reduction stage, "the two parcels are then re-blended to create a wine that maintains all of the flavour, tannin and aroma of the original product, but with only two thirds the alcohol." The resulting alcohol level is only 9.5% abv for the white varietals, and 11.5% for the red.

The Label
A colourful eye-catching design, with excellent shelf standout appeal and tactile feel - the latter achieved by a clever mix of high-build screen gloss and embossing on a matt white background.

The contrasting effect and impact is accentuated by Impresstik's proprietary Arctic White uncoated paper stock, providing a smooth ultra-white base for the imagery.

The Launch
Since it's launch, Pirra has been met with a stream of positive media attention - including features in Liquor Watch and Sydney Weekly, and even TV coverage in Sydney.

In response to the reaction by the trade and press since Pirra's launch, Pirramimma's Sales & Marketing Manager, Graeme Hogan, commented that "it is no secret that industry commentators and the consumer are looking for new options.

"With the emergence and importance of the 'Drink Responsibly' message and a rise in Australian wine alcohol levels, we believe that this product has a future and the capacity to develop a real following."

Project Development
"Initially, Impresstik brought to our attention their 'Arctic White' stock, and their ability to create a tactile finish with the use of high-build gloss and emboss," explained Hogan.

"They then worked closely with our label designers, Harkness Walker Design, to ensure that the design and ultimate result was going to meet our expectations.

"During the entire project, we were well supported by the Impresstik team, and during the press-check received excellent technical support by the Production Manager.

The end-result is "an eye-catching product that lives up to its tag-line of 'Not your standard drink'."

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