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Customer Testimonial

Supplier: The Service Manager
11 August, 2009

TSM’s customers described how the software bring remarkable results to their business

Customer Testimonial

TSM’s customers described how the software bring remarkable results to their business

Industry: Electrical

“…..since I introduced TSM-Service Management software, Thermofix has been selected twice as a Finalist in the Telstra ACT Micro Business Awards in 2001 & 2003. Thank you for your support.”

Sam Kerekes ,Service Manager,Thermofix Australia

“Our job cost tracking is now more accurate and easier to administer. Our Construction projects are easily monitored and we find the summary function very useful.”

Greg Crisp,General Manager,Key Services

“TSM has given our business a massive benefit in various areas of the company. I estimate that by using TSM it will save our company $108,000 in the next 12 months. I recommend TSM to any company in the service industry as my business tool of choice.”

Frank Spiteri ,Managing Director, A & F Electrical

“In general I am enthusiastic about TSM and I am even more enthusiastic about the changes that the system has made to my business. I have recouped my investment on TSM within 2 months and am looking forward to the future and what the product will deliver to my business.”

Mark Larsen ,Managing Director,Australian Data Industries

“We implemented TSM into our business last year. We are now able to manage technician’s time and jobs more effectively and we can actively measure productivity and profitability. This system has become the control centre for our business rather than “my head” and I have finally taken holidays and not come back to a mess.”

David Hills,Managing Director, Auslite Electrical Contracting

“We now collect all of our retention! We no longer have to try and remember to collect retention on jobs completed 6 – 12 months ago. That adds up to a lot when you consider the number of contract jobs we do. We’re also able to finish jobs faster, with less administrative staff.”

Andrew Grigg,Director,Boyle & Grigg Air Conditioning – VIC

“TSM lets me track all of the information relating to a job or client, and lets me find it in one place. The automated maintenance scheduling saves me about 16 hours every month of administration work – and avoids us missing any preventative maintenance job.”

Neil Benson,Service Manager,Cairns Climate Control – QLD

“TSM has given Power Air Conditioning finger tip control on all aspects of operations, while improving employee accountability, productivity and improved cash flow. Without TSM we didn’t know how we would have managed the growth of the business while providing increased communications to larger customers. This has allowed us to win large contracts with Property Developers, etc.”

Rai Giglio,Service Manager,Power Air Conditioning – NSW

“Since implementing TSM into our business we’ve seen a 20% increase in revenue due largely to the automated feature of scheduling preventative maintenance jobs, for existing clients. This one feature alone has allowed us to profit more from existing customers. Missed invoices have also become a thing of the past.”

Bill Dunshea,Managing Director,Capital Air Conditioning

Industry: HVAC

“TSM has given us the ability to effectively track and age outstanding service calls, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

By tracking the hours each technician bills in a given time period, we can more effectively track individual productivity, and better manage our staff & staffing levels. This has resulted in a marked increase in productivity of our staff and greater overall profitability.”

Gordon BorckMgr, Departmental LAN Support,Vanderbilt University USA

“Since using TSM, Centre State Computer Maintenance saves 80% on their administration time every day. Danny Georgeson Centre State Computer Maintenance using TSM enables the Service Centre to increase productivity by 40%. This is partly due to less time spent on administrative tasks”

Harry Bhogal,Service Manager,Australian Business Telephone Company

“Our entire business is managed by this one application. TSM has improved the repairs turnaround time by 50%.”

Bruce Carmen,Service Manager,Exabyte Corporation Industry: IT

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