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Customise security bags according to your requirements

Supplier: Tamper Evident By: Nehal Parekh
21 October, 2010

Tamper Evident security bags are specifically designed to protect their content, and are widely used in banking, police, government, airlines, hospitals, mining, and many other industries.

Ross Berry, a senior personnel property custodian at NSW Trustee & Guardian, uses Tamper Evident security bags to store and manage clients' assets across all the branches.

"Tamper Evident supplies us security bags once every six months," said Berry. "These security bags make it easier for us to manage the thousand plus estates that we currently maintain."

"The Tamper Evident security bags are a time-saving resource, as they come with a number and barcode for easy verification. The best part is that Tamper Evident designs and customises the bags according to our requirement."

"I was very happy with the template when I first saw it, and the bags were made precisely according to the approved template."

Berry had previously had a negative experience using another supplier's products. "I ordered some security tags and some other stuff from a different supplier, and the tags were just breaking off every now and then," he said. "But I never had this problem with Tamper Evident products. The bag, with our logo, and the client’s name and signature panel on it, just makes it more secure and easy to keep an eye on the handling and storage."