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Customised scissor lifts for smelting operation

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

Smelter operation required removing heavy steel drain plates from large hoppers containing powdered slurry.

The Problem

The hopper has a conveyor belt directly under drain plate which blocked any ground based lifting equipment from being positioned directly beneath


Temporary scaffold was difficult and heavy to install and controlled lift/lower was not available.

Product Chosen

A Safetech 2,000kg capacity scissor lifts table mounted on a special cantilevered mobile base is able to move in over the conveyor belt directly under the hopper drain plate. The scissor lift table platform supports the steel drain plate while studs are removed then it is gently lowered and wheeled clear.

A special epoxy finish and electrical enclosures protects from spillage from hopper

Benefits of this product:

  • Portable – only rolled into position when required
  • A single operator can perform the task as no heavy lifting is required
  • Simple press button operation to raise/lower drain plate
  • The customer felt that Safetechs long and established track record provided him with security when selecting a supplier