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Customised specialty support equipment for drill rigs

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
02 December, 2014

A major oil and gas drilling company approached Custom Fluidpower regarding supply of specialty support equipment for their drill rigs.

In the past, the company has manufactured their own drill rigs to suit their particular application. Having to rely on local small companies for supply of equipment had proven costly for them.

The company secured a major contract which required drilling new wells plus servicing existing wells.

To service this requirement they purchased new rigs from overseas but required specialty support equipment to be manufactured in Australia. Custom Fluidpower were contacted to see if we were able to assist with this supply.

Custom Fluidpower outlined their expertise and capabilities with this type of project including their ability to complete all sections (design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and documentation) with existing in-house resources, and were commissioned to undertake several projects.

Specifications for the equipment were very stringent as the environment the drilling was occurring in was not to be compromised in any way.

The first project Custom Fluidpower was tasked with was a pipe handler. This is used to load and unload drill pipes to the rigs. Wireless remote control of all the hydraulics was needed. The Zone 1 hazardous location required specialist radio controls to operate the proportional and on-off valves.

Custom Fluidpower designed a system using cylinders, manifolds, Sun Hydraulics valves, Parker filtration, hoses and fitting.

Custom Fluidpower was then tasked with the second project which was a mini pipe handler with the same function to lift pipes but was required for smaller rods.

The third project was a trailer mounted hydraulic power unit. The drill rigs purchased from overseas were described as work over rigs. This means that they are used for servicing existing wells and not designed to drill new holes. The drilling company had purchased a top drive unit and required suitable hydraulic power to drive it, as there was not sufficient power within the main rigs.

Custom Fluidpower supplied a trailer mounted power unit with 180kw diesel engine, Sauer Danfoss 90 series 180cc closed loop pump, auxiliary Parker P1 pump, plus a small fan pilot control pump. Filtration, cooling, remote control console, hosing and auxiliary equipment was also fitted.

Since the successful completion of these projects, the customer has approached Custom Fluidpower with the view of becoming their preferred hydraulic supplier. This is due to Custom Fluidpower's ability to complete their commitment to the customer in a timely and professional manner.