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Cutting Tools FAQ

Supplier: Cutting Tools Australia
22 October, 2009

We are having difficulties drilling stainless steel with a portable electric drill. What can we do?

Generally, portable drills run the spindle speed too high which means the drill doesn't cut.The drill dwells on the surface of the material.The other difficulty is that stainless steel heats up quickly and work hardens.

To solve the problems associated with drilling stainless steel, use a slower spindle speed and greater force in the feed. This will enable the drill to cut the material rather than rubbing.

Nachi HSS standard jobber drills have proven to be successful in drilling stainless steel with portable hand drills.
For CNC usage we recommend Sutton Tools Black Magic Stub and Jobber drills,designed specifically for stainless steel.

How do we gain more life out of tapping stainless steel?

Stainless steel is quite abrasive and hard because it has an element of chrome.We recommend DC Swiss Z series taps, specifically designed with the correct geometry for tapping stainless steel. HSS Cobalt material,VS special wear coating are available in both Gun and Spiral flute.