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D45 Series Versatile Diaphragm Control Valve

Supplier: Baccara Automation Control

Engineered to perform reliably under the most challenging conditions, the D45 valve design is based on simplicity.


The valves are hydraulically controlled by line pressure or by pressure from an external source. All D45 valves use direct sealing diaphragms and are constructed with minimal parts - no stem, seals or bearings.

The unique structure of these valves allows a straight flow pattern with very low friction loss.

Advantages of D45 Series Versatile Diaphragm Control Valve

  • Simple design structure of this versatile, 3/4"-12" series ensures easy maintenance and minimises malfunctioning.
  • Innovative, easily replaced sealing diaphragm.
  • Hydro-dynamic design ensuring a high flow range and a low head loss.
  • Valves are available in a range of materials - cast iron, cast bronze, cast aluminium and fibreglass reinforced nylon.
  • End connections may be threaded, flanged or grooved.
  • Moulds are manufactured using the boxless, furan, "no bake" system in order to achieve accuracy in dimensions of cast and a good surface quality.
  • These valves offer a tremendous flexibility in the design of special systems and solutions to unusual irrigation or industrial situations.
  • C=Close O=Open A=Automatic
  • Upstream pressure or pressure from an external source is applied to the control chamber.
  • Initiated by the spring, the diaphragm is pressed down to close the valve drip-tight.
  • Relieving the water or air pressure to atmosphere from the control chamber causes the valve to open.
  • The automatic part of the 3-way selector is connected to a solenoid, hydraulic relay or pilot, which controls the valve.
  • The common port of the 3-way selector connects the control chamber to either A, O or C, depending on the direction the selector is pointed.


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