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Darling Harbour Boulevard Sydney - Prestigious Smart Lighting Project

Supplier: Form and Light
01 December, 2017

CITY ELEMENTS from Hess is a smart lighting system that is suitable for all requirements in the city as well as in front of representative and high-profile buildings. These modular multi-functional illuminating columns are suitable for almost all lighting tasks and many other functionalities.

Illumination, effect lighting and multifunctionality combined in one column

The largest multifunctional and smart lighting installation in Australia – with CITY ELEMENTS from Hess

"Light plays a vital role here in attracting and entertaining people. That’s why the implemented lighting solution is not just about helping people see. It supports safe orientation, complements the architecture and creates an almost theatrical atmosphere with sophisticated effect lighting", says principal lighting designer Michael Sparrow from Lendlease, describing a key element of the lighting concept.

"The lighting on Darling Harbour Boulevard is unique. It is currently the largest multifunctional and smart lighting Installation in Australia," adds Dr. Walter Wendel from the Australian Hess subsidiary Form+Light, which was involved in the lighting concept.

In addition to the uniform lighting of Darling Harbour Boulevard and the adjacent Darling Square according to the Australian P7 standard for pedestrian zones, the planners wanted to integrate additional features, including coloured effect lighting as well as loudspeakers, cameras and power supply options, into a minimalist and attractive lighting structure.

With its individual elements that can be combined and equipped as desired, the multifunctional HESS illuminating column CITY ELEMENTS with a diameter of 230mm proved to be the perfect solution for all requirements. The CITY ELEMENTS, which in this case are 9 meters high, were designed specifically for Darling Harbour with specially modified elements.

"The CITY ELEMENTS from Hess impressed us both aesthetically and in terms of function. No other 9-meter-high illuminating column provides all of these features," says Dr. Walter Wendel.

Perfect light for every requirement

A total of 30 specially configured CITY ELEMENTS 230 were installed along Darling Harbour Boulevard and another 11 CITY ELEMENTS 230 on Darling Square. The luminaires have a largely identical design at both locations: In the top element, two LEVO LED modules in the light colour 4000K ensure homogeneous illumination of the pedestrian areas.

Under them are two intermediate elements with laterally offset light outlets, each equipped with an RGBW spotlight of type Jade 16 by GRIVEN, the sister company of Hess specialised in architectural lighting. These provide decorative accentuation of the trees at the edge of the pedestrian zone.

In order to stage different lighting scenes including dynamic colour change and dimming, all light elements are connected with a DMX controller.

Multifunction ensures added value

The CITY ELEMENTS were also equipped with various multifunctional components. All of the illuminating columns are equipped with two Bosch loudspeakers, each with 75 watts for a powerful listening experience – providing clearly understandable announcements and the ability to play background music, for example. In addition, selected columns are also equipped with two camera elements and integrated sockets for an external power supply.

High-quality finish – paint resistant to maritime air in a special colour

The lacquer coating and thus the appearance of the luminaires is adapted to the climatic conditions and to the special architectural features of the ICC.

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