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Dash Cam - In-cabin Observation System

Supplier: Innovative Agricultural Marketing

Over the past 4 years these camera systems have provided optimum field performance in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.

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The cameras have proven to be tough, water resistant, dust and shock proof. Being infrared, they have excellent night vision.

They provide a more efficient and safer working environment.

Applications of Dash Cam - In-cabin Observation System:

  • Trucking
    • Loading grain trailers at harvest, accurately. No climbing up and down to check load fill.
    • Increased rear vision when reversing into sheds and onto augers etc.
    • Unloading (especially wet sand and gravel) can be checked from the cab.
  • Seeding
    • In air-seeder box, the operator can see the exact time grain or fertiliser runs out
    • Seed and super bin, check levels from truck seat without climbing up.
    • Tow between air seeders, behind air-seeder bin so operator has vision of the middle of bar.
    • Also very applicable for super spreaders, checking blocked belt, spinners etc.
  • Harvesting
    • Constant visual check of grain tank, prevent spdtage from overfill and turning at end of run.
    • Constant vision of towed chaff can or hay bailer, see inside the engine bay.
    • End of auger in both header and chaser bin to see into trucks or field bins.
    • Inside chaser bin so operator can position for best fill whilst still looking forward.
    • See behind header when the un!oading auger is folded down, check on steer tyres.
  • Farm vehicles, cars & 4x4's
    • Reversing onto trailers.
    • See behind blind spot (especially applicable to high back 4 wheel drives).
    • Horse Floats, constant vision of horses or any animal/load.