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Data acquisition and control equipment

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RTP Corp. is a high tech manufacturing company that supplies data acquisition and control equipment to the world's largest industrial companies. We are widely recognized for our Real Time Product (RTP) Input/Output Subsystems. RTP Corp. designs, manufactures and markets measurement and control hardware and software systems. We service the computer instrument, industrial electronics, and the industrial automation and nuclear power generation industries. Our real-time process (RTP) control products automate industrial and manufacturing processes by providing precise control of temperature, pressure, flow and other physical variables. The computer communications products we manufacture are utilised in data acquisition and computer communications.

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One of our range of products is

RTP Micro 2008 & 2016
8/16-Slot Single Chassis Hybrid Control System

Full-function single-chassis intelligent HCS
Panel mount 8-slot chassis (Micro 2008)
Rack mount/panel mount 16-slot chassis (Micro 2016)
Same 8000 Series I/O cards as RTP 2000 and 2200 systems.
Fully supported by RTP NetSuite
Redundant Ethernet links
Peer-to-peer communications
Supports a full line of analog, digital and special function I/O
Status LEDs facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance activities
Intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop application development environment includes graphical configurator, simulation, testing/debugging, archiving, trending, time synchronization
Three-year hardware warranty
Covered by non-obsolescence policy for lifetime support
Product Overview

The Micro 2008 and 2016 HCS are two of the newest additions to the RTP family of Hybrid Control Systems. Just like the RTP 2000 and 2200, the Micro 2008 and 2016's hybrid designs provide the high-speed scanning features of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) while simultaneously supporting the complex control algorithms found in a Distributed Control System (DCS).

When integrated into a new RTP 2000/2200 installation, or as an addition to an existing RTP system, the Micro 2008 and 2016 offer several advantages detailed below.

The Micro 2008/2016 represent a lower-cost alternative for small to medium process control applications, and are the perfect solution for situations that don't require the extensive expansion capabilities of the RTP 2000 target nodes.

Although smaller in size, the Micro 2008 is just as powerful as the RTP 2000. The Micro 2008/2016 are fully compatible with NetSuite and includes all of the robust development tools of the RTP 2000 at a fraction of the cost. The Micro 2008/2016 gives you the power, ease and adaptability of the RTP 2000 in an affordable package.

When used as a stand-alone unit, the Micro 2008 outperforms other competitive systems in a number of important ways. Its small footprint, approximately 10 x 10 inches, lets you fit the Micro 2008 into places that others can't. The Micro 2016 chassis is sized for installation in a standard 19-inch equipment cabinet, and also has provisions for panel mounting.

The Micro 2008 can accommodate eight standard RTP I/O cards, and the Micro 2016 can accommodate 16 standard RTP I/O cards, including: differential and single-ended analog inputs, thermocouple and RTD measurements, analog outputs, digital inputs, relay outputs, pulse counters, frequency counters, duty cycle, plus other special function cards. Typically, these I/P cards provide 16 or 24 channels per cards, totaling 128 to 192 data points for the Micro 2008 and 256 to 384 for the Micro 2016. High density versions of these cards (96 channels per card) can yield a total points count as high as 768 (Micro 2008) and 1536 (Micro 2016).

Ethernet connections to the host PC and field connections to the I/O cards are compact, standardized and easy to install.

In addition, all software development tools and utilities engineered for the RTP 2000/2200 operate seamlessly with the Micro 2008/2016. You can quickly develop, simulate and debug your control applications using NetArrays, our intuitive and easy-to-use self-documenting object-oriented application development software package. Our integrated HMI and alarm packages turn ordinary PCs into sophisticated operator monitoring stations.

With the Micro 2008 or 2016, there is no need to learn a different development environment or to create any special interfaces. Because the Micro 2008/2016 support the same front-panel RTP 8000 series I/O cards as the RTP 2000/2200 and Micro 2016/2008, these modules are completely interchangeable, reducing spares, simplifying maintenance and according familiar interconnections.

The large variety of high-performance analog I/O, rugged digital I/O, and special function cards available permits a tighter control of measurements, and improved efficiency and accuracy. RTP's demonstrated I/O reliability and unique non-obsolescence policy ensure long life and lower overall cost for the Micro 2008 or 2016, just as it does for other members of our RTP 2000 family of products.