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Data Collection Software - Pro-Server with Pro-Studio

Supplier: Pro-face Australia

Data collection software gathers information that links management and manufacturing

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Handles control and information data from the factory floor to improve productivity and product quality.

Pro-Server's superb connectivity with software applications via OPC, DDE, SQL, etc. sets itself indispensable at modern manufactures.

Main Features of Data Collection Software - Pro-Server with Pro-Studio

Easily create a data sharing system between offices and factories.

Immediately send out orders from your office to the factory !

Use the latest GP/GLC production data to respond quickly and automatically send orders directly to the factory. Use preset data to reduce setup work and easily change line setting data.

Alert control staff to important alarms !

Set up your system to autmatically relay Alarm information sent from the PLC to your office PC. Speed up your system monitoring and control.

Collect Device/PLC Data!

Easily search for/identify Devices/PLCs connected to your GP/GLC units.

After selecting the desired Device/PLC from the list, including it in the Network Project provides a variety of useful features.

Share Device/PLC Data - Regardless of the Manufacturer !

Connect your PLC to the network, without special programming. This allows you to easily share production condition and Alarm information.

Easily play back production history data!

Device View

Simple settings allow you to quickly log designated Device data.

Playback Feature

Use the "Time Bar" to graphically play back past User program data. Set up the data logging schedule and use the data to analyze Alarm occurences.

View past or present production data as easily as you would a video.


GP/GLC screens at the production site can be monitored directly on Pro-Server. Use the data playback feature to check previously recorded production data and visually trace the source of hard-to-find problems.

Remote Screen Image Capturing !

Screen capture function

GP/GLC screens can be captured from a remote location and saved to a CF Card as a JPEG file. The data can then be collected by Pro-Server for easy checking on a PC. (When using the Video-mix Unit, video images can also be captured.)

Re-use Collected Data in Other Software Applications !

Pro-Server now uses the DDE Server and Simple DLL features. This lets you easily share data among a wide variety of applications.

  • Exchange application software and data that supports commercial-type PC Client features.
  • Pro-Server's built-in DDE Server feature allows you to exchange application software and data that supports the DDE Client feature.
  • Perform reads/writes from User applications. Utilize API Easy DLLs.

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