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Data Communications for Mining Industry

Supplier: Nautitech

NT is dedicated to the advancement of technology in mining by integrating proven Automotive and Industrial technology with the application-specific requirements of Mining.

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NT has successfully designed, developed and produced "Intrinsically Safe" mining equipment that includes Vehicle and Personnel Tagging, Data and Communication Systems, Radio Remote controls, Valve Spool Monitors, Methane Shutdown Systems, Broadband Modems and Electro-Hydraulic controls.

NT offers over 16 years experience in Electronics and Control Systems for the harsh and demanding environment of the mining industry. We specialise in products that are revolutionising the mining industry.

Whether it be a Concept, Computer 3D modelling, Prototype or Low-Volume production, NT has the Technology and experience to deliver the product

Data Communications

  • Voice Communications
  • Wiring multiplex systems
  • Data-logging diagnostic systems and preventative maintenance systems
  • Conveyor and longwall Data and Voice communications systems
  • Video Transfer
  • Broadband Communications
  • Powerline Modems
  • Voice Communications & Power Supply Over Common two-wire connection
  • Conveyor Lockout
  • Stored Voice messages & broadcast
  • Cable integrity self testing capabilities
  • Conveyor and longwall Data and Voice communications system
  • High Voltage Inductive Coupling (1kV and 3.3kV available)
  • 100kbps data throughput (1.5 Mbps Broadband under development)
  • Up to 4km distance
  • Adaptive Spread Spectrum
  • Error Control Coding
  • Voice Communications
  • Optimised for the Industrial powerline environment
  • Modems
  • Data Modems
  • On board diagnostics
  • Fax & Data Modems for Intrinsically Safe Telephone Systems
  • Power line Modem Communications
  • Data Logging diagnostic systems and preventative maintenance systems.