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Data Management - Skynax Mobile Software

Supplier: Intermec

Skynax Servers can take you to new levels of control over in-field mobile systems.

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Skynax Servers comes with industry leading file transfer and business logic processing, enhanced security, communications control and efficiency, device software control, and enterprise strength server system failover using truly distributed processing architecture. Skynax is the system for in-field device management and control.

Features of Data Management - Skynax Mobile Software

  • Easily extend your back-office business applications to your mobile workforce.
  • Implement mobile business systems faster.
  • Reduce mobile business systems management costs.
  • Securely and efficiently exchange business data between mobile applications and back-office systems.
  • Configure all your handheld computers from a single central location.
  • Remotely and automatically perform software updates to your mobile computers without requiring any intervention by the user of the handheld computer.
  • Centrally monitor all system-wide events.
  • Reduce communication costs by optimising and controlling all mobile communication rules.
  • Manage hundreds to thousands of mobile devices dispersed over different time zones.
  • Assure high mobile system availability with full load balancing and active fail-over capabilities.

The Skynax Platform & Your Mobile Applications - A Winning Combination
Skynax is a comprehensive, integrated solution for implementing and centrally managing mobile communications, managing data exchanges and server-side data processing, and remotely managing all the equipment in your mobile computing system.

Skynax offers an unprecedented level of functionality in a single package, making it the premier software platform for providing high performance, secure mobile data communications, as well as complete data and device management capabilities to any mobile business system. Using Skynax you can reduce your mobile system management complexity, improve control and save both time and money.

Unified Mobile Infrastructure – Communication, Security, Data Transfer, Management
Skynax is a unified infrastructure software solution to implement secure and complete connectivity between mobile devices and enterprise back-office resources.

Systems with Experience
Skynax leverages decades of experience providing high availability enterprise mobile data communication solutions. It is a highly scalable platform allowing anyone from small companies to enterprises to configure the system to best fit their needs. Skynax provides a platform for mobile computing solutions that support business processes in a wide variety of in-field mobile applications. The primary applications where Skynax is being used as a platform include Field Service, Direct Store Delivery, Presales and Merchandising, Transportantion and Logistics, and Public Safety.

Comprehensive Monitoring
With Skynax you benefit from comprehensive monitoring of all mobile data communications and related data processes, system wide event logging, remote mobile application and software installation and updates, and mobile device configuration and management.

Path to the Future, Bringing the Past Forward
Formerly, Intermec offered the 6920 Communication Server as a gateway between mobile computers using dial-up, Ethernet, and WLAN connections back to the enterprise. If you are one of the over 5,000 users, this is great news for you. Skynax can be a drop-in replacement for your 6920 while adding new features allowing you to keep up with the times.

Start Saving Now!
Migrate your 6920 system to Skynax today and immediately add levels of security, server redundancy and system failover. Continue using your existing application while you add new features and functions. Preserve your infrastructure and integration investment by migrating rather than ripping and replacing. A number of new capabilities and features are available making upgrading to Skynax compelling and cost effective.

Features for Enterprise Strength Systems
Confidently implement mobile systems.

Reliability – Failover Capability

  • Supports fault-tolerant mobile communications and data processing
  • Allows your mobile workforce to continue to serve customers even when you experience single or multiple points of network infrastructure failure
  • Automatically reroutes communications away from servers experiencing technical problems
  • Skynax Gateways and Skynax Servers can be distributed across any number of sites anywhere in the world to provide protection from local disturbances
  • Continuous monitoring of Skynax system performance Scalability – Load Balancing
  • Add as many Skynax Servers as you need to manage the growth in mobile device users
  • Automatic routing of requests for the exchange of business data from mobile devices to a Skynax Server that is capable of providing the fastest response time
  • Add and remove Skynax Servers while maintaining full Skynax system operation for mobile device users
  • Use dedicated Skynax Servers to manage specific business processes or types of communications

Security – Authentication & Encryption

  • Multi-level authentication system based on device and user authentication as well as token synchronisation
  • Automatic data compression, digital signing and encryption• Public key infrastructure with automatic key management
  • Rogue device detection with automatic lock-out
  • Auto-synchronisation of date & time settings for mobile devices based on time zones

Communication Control

  • Implement mandatory geo- clustered Skynax Servers for mobile device communications routing
  • Central configuration of optimal communication routes based on the process requested by the mobile device, time of day and available connectivity options

Device Management - Reducing Complexity and Saving Time

  • Maintain a central database of all mobile computing equipment and peripherals
  • Perform enterprise-wide mobile system administration across multiple time zones
  • Automatically detect all mobile business applications to be upgraded and perform the automatic installation on a mobile device without any user intervention
  • Perform automatic remote installation of mobile business applications to mobile devices based on the type of handheld and the type of business operations to be performed by each user of a given mobile device
  • Centrally manage all mobile device settings using the fully integrated SmartSystems™ device management interface
  • Use profiles to establish standard settings for specified sets of equipment
  • Single client-side application used for all Skynax related communications and remote management functionality
  • Monitor the mobile business system using complete audit logs of all server- side and client-side communications and data processing transactions
  • Track mobile device operations even when the mobile device is off-line

Other Features

  • Shutdown parts of the Skynax system for maintenance without interrupting business operationsSkynax supports concurrent data
  • Processing with multiple data exchange interfaces for multiple versions of client-side and back-office applications within a single mobile business system remotely install Skynax Plug-Ins to geographically distributed Skynax Servers

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