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DataTaker DT800 Data Logger

Supplier: Lontek

The DT800 data logger from DataTaker is an all round general purpose data logger. In addition, the DT800 has a high speed burst feature that allows for faster events be captured with either an external trigger or level trigger.

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Simple to Setup

The freely supplied DeLogger software allows the DT800 to be quickly and easily configured for your day to day data logging tasks, and the online video tutorials make this task a breeze.

Integrated Solution

The DT800 can also be programmed to perform some very powerful tasks using the DataTaker command instruction set. Commands are sent to the unit via a terminal program such as DeTransfer or Windows Hyper terminal. The command instructions allow the DT800 to be configured for the more complex data logging applications where the DT800 is to be integrated into a system. Note, DeTransfer is free to download via the DataTaker website. www.datataker.com

Multi Channel Inputs

Boasting multi input software selectable channels that support a range of sensors including thermocouples, PT100, Thermistors, AC & DC voltage, current (via shunts), resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency and more.

Digital I/O

With sixteen digital I/O channels the DT800 can be used to record when a switch contact is turned on/off or to control a small relay by turning it on or off plus much more. See the technical brochure for more details on the digital I/O channels.

Sampling Speed

Normal Mode. Typical data logging sampling speeds range from once per second to once per hour. The DT800 can sample down to 100ms but this will vary up and down due to the number and type of channels you need to measure.
Burst Mode. In burst mode the DT800 can record up 50kHz or 200µs on a single channel, this sampling speed drops as the number of channels is increased. Add to this the ability to pre & post trigger and the DT800 becomes very handy for taking snapshots of data.

Real-time monitoring

Data from the DT800 can be viewed in real-time with DeLogger software or a custom software package can also be written by any Software developer to suit your specific requirements. DataTaker have freely available resource drivers and tools for Labview™ and Active X.

Remote data transfer

Remote data transfer via TCP/IP across a Local Area Network(LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) is a great way to access data remotely. The DT800 can be connected to just about any ADSL, Cable or 3G (NextG) modem with a TCP/IP network connection allowing the DT800's data to be retrieved anywhere around the world over the internet. If security is an issue, then a Virtual Private Network(VPN) can also be set up for data security.

The built in RS232 port on the DT800 can support PSTN or GSM modems for remote dial-in and dial-out or SMS Text messages and can be sent via the SMSX GSM modem.

Manual data transfer

Manual data transfer on the DT800 is performed in two ways, either via a PCMCIA card or direct to the PC.

Data Logger or Data Acquisition
The DT800 is a true Data Logger that can operate as a stand alone unit and does not require a computer to record data.

A complete kit

The DataTaker DT800 includes all the standard accessories to get you going right away. One great advantage with the DataTaker range is that the software is supplied FREE on CD and it can also be downloaded from the DataTaker website along with any firmware and software updates.

  • Mains adaptor - 240volt AC to 15 volt DC, 800mA.
  • RS232 cable.
  • Resource CD includes:
    • User Manual
    • Software
    • Video Tutorials
    • Technical notes
    • other resource
  • Terminal Screwdriver


The DT800 is a complex but easy to use data logger that can be used for an almost endless list of applications and with so many features bundled in, the DT800 is a high-end unit with a cost effective price tag.

Specification of the dataTaker DT800. Download