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DC Power Supplies

Supplier: Southern Electronic Services

While our mains electricity supply in Australia is 240vAC 50Hz (Alternating Current), most pieces of electronic equipment use DC power (Direct current).

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DC Power Supplies

While our mains electricity supply in Australia is 240vAC 50Hz (Alternating Current), most pieces of electronic equipment use DC power (Direct current). For example, a stereo amplifier usually operates at about 30vDC. To obtain that 30vDC from our 240vAC mains, that amplifier will have a DC Power Supply inside it.

There are a number of types of DC Power Supply that can be made, and their different applications are set out below.

SES can supply DC Power Supplies:

  • Switch Mode
  • Un-filtered
  • Filtered
  • Linear Regulated

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Advantages of SES Voltage Transformers:

  • Fast turnaround of custom power supplies - often within days
  • Wide range of voltages, sizes, enclosures & other options are available
  • Robust construction
  • Australian Standard AS61558 - 1997 compliant

Types Of DC Power Supplies & Their Applications

1.Switch Mode Dc Power Supplies

These are small & light for their rated power output, making them a very popular choice of DC power supply. The MEANWELL range is extensive, including single & three phase, DIN rail or chassis mountable, multiple outputs, UPS & battery chargers

2. Un-filtered DC Power Supplies

The most basic type of DC power supply, consisting of a transformer & rectifier. SES can supply your requirements, including single & three phase un-filtered DC power supplies.

Three phase power supplies are very useful for heavier currents, above 10A & up to thousands of amps. The output waveform has a voltage ripple of < 4% and conversion efficiencies can be as high as 99% making the three phase DC un-filtered power supply a good choice for many applications.

Being un-regulated, the output voltage will vary with the load current (this variation is known as the load regulation of the power supply).

Six-phase diametric star output makes a very efficient DC power supply.

Our customers use this type of power supply for such things as precious metal reclamation, and engine starting. Toyota & GMH have used SES un-filtered three phase DC power supplies in their engine plants, for testing engines in production.

SES made un-filtered DC power supplies to power the lights & equipment on the bus featured in the popular stage show "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

3. Filtered DC Power Supplies

These are made as above, but have a filter added.

Available in single & three phase configurations, filtering can range from just a capacitor across the output, to a filter network with chokes & capacitors.

Filtered power supplies have high surge capacity & can make an extremely robust & reliable DC power supply. As with un-filtered DC power supplies, the output voltage will vary with the load current.

4. Linear Regulated DC Power Supplies

This consists of a filtered power supply as above, with the addition of a voltage regulator, ensuring the output voltage remains constant under load.

Available in single & three phase configurations, regulated DC power supplies are usually larger, heavier & more expensive than switch-mode supplies, but are more robust & reliable, and have high surge capacity.

SES has made linear regulated power supplies for the control systems on ferries (these were single phase 240v 50Hz / 24v DC & 100A linear regulated power supplies)

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