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Decontamination Unit | 153

Supplier: SMH Products

The 153 is longer than the 152 by 400mm, allowing for a bigger clean end to hold 8 men, or a bigger shower area to accommodate up to 4 showers where a budget 4-shower unit is needed.

Price Guide: POA

The SMH 153 and 153 Roamer are manufactured as 2,3 or 4 shower units and are built for 8-16 men, they can provide a more compact and cheaper 4 shower unit for smaller sites or the budget conscious contractor. The regulations state 4 men per shower, having 4 showers the 153 can cope with 16 men.

The popular 153 SP or 153 H, are chosen with a pumped filter system to pump the filtered wastewater away and a built in water tank to provide the shower water.

The 153R Roamer, complete with a built in generator in a separate compartment, sited in the dirty end, but accessible only from outside. The Unit is fitted with a water tank to take the filtered shower wastewater. The 152RT with a Tracker covertly built into the unit during construction.

All 153 series units have the following features:

Lightweight pre-formed galvanised chassis, 25mm lightweight insulated panels, solid roof with roof lights containing fluorescent lights, spoiler with gas water heater and gas bottle cupboard, external utility cupboards housing electrics, pumped filter system when fitted, access to wash hand basin plumbing therefore all the services are accessible from the outside assisting on site maintenance. Grab Handles, First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher.

The doors have keyless push button Digi-locks with the dirty door having an ali-angle surround to enable the tent to be fixed without the need for tape or Spray Tak to be adhered to the unit. One Way Vents and new for 2005 Integrated Pull Out Metal Steps. Fibreglass Floors having rounded corners with Drain Point in each compartment, Self Closing doors.

Clean End – 8, 12 or 16 Personal Lockers with electrical sockets for charging respirators, Mirror to adjust face mask, Coat Hooks, Bench Seat or Bench Seat Storage, Electric and natural Light, Electric Oil Filled Radiator, Certificate Holders, Warning Signs, Self Closing door to shower area.

Shower Area – 2, 3 or 4 adjustable showers, Mask Hook, GRP wash hand basins, Electric and natural Light, Self Closing door to dirty area

Dirty Area - Removable NPU Decon 400 Air Extractor to assist in DOP tests, Mirror to adjust face mask, Coat Hooks, Bench Seat, Bench Seat Storage, Electric and natural Light, Electric Heating, Warning Signs, Self Closing door at rear of unit to outside.