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Deep slot profile increases versatility of MayTec

Supplier: MayTec Australia
03 February, 2012

With the recent introduction of the deep slot profiles, Maytec has begun servicing a new industry sector with specialised 'high impact' guarding and safety enclosures.

Maytec has been providing standard guarding solutions to these industries for years but the deep slot profile now allows us to meet higher impact specifications required by many customers. MayTec is now the only profile supplier able to meet these high impact image safety requirements. The deep slots on the 30 and 40mm profiles are available in 4 and 8mm slot widths. These slots can accommodate a variety of panel and wire mesh in-fills making the profile extremely versatile in a wide range of application areas.

A recent application for the deep slot profile was to fabricate safety barriers around refuelling pumps stations for buses. Being installed outdoors, the barriers needed to resist the elements while being exposed to sun, wind, rain, dust and diesel residue.

Additionally, the barriers needed to cope with the day by day punishment of the repeated and constant use by the operators as well as looking smart. While providing safety to operators in the event of a high pressure hose coming loose during a filling operation, one of the other requirements was for the barrier to provide a certain amount of flexibility if it were to be struck by a vehicle, and then to be easily and quickly repaired.

With Maytec’s ability to custom design to almost any specification, a solution was quickly engineered utilising the advantages of the deep slot profile. With replacement parts on hand, damaged panels can be removed and replaced in less than an hour should there be a minor collision. Complete sections can also be replaced quickly in the event of major damage to the guard.

With Maytec’s modular design, the four enclosures took less than two days to install. This kept disruptions to the pumps to a minimum and installation costs down.

Ongoing developments in all product and business areas ensure that innovative, competitive and compatible solutions will continue to be available long into the future. Contact us today and find out how we can tailor a Maytec profile solution to your needs.