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Delamping vs. Other Lighting Upgrades

Supplier: Mirrorlux Reflectors

Rather than delamp, you could: Replace your whole light fittings with more efficient fittings Use a "T5 Adaptor" and replace both existing T8 tubes with T5 tubes

Price Guide: POA

Delamping vs. Other Lighting Upgrades

Below we compare the costs/benefits of these options as compared with delamping for a typical double 120mm (4') fluorescent fitting.

Option Delamp + New Tube and Mirrorlux Reflector Replace both tubes with T5 28 watt tubes and T5 Adaptors Replace fitting with high efficiency 36 watt fitting with electronic ballast
Energy Savings 50% 30% 55%
Installed Cost $40 $70 $300
Typical annual energy savings ($) $20 $14 $22
Payback (years) 2 5 14
Ease of install? Easy Complex Complex
Reliability? High Unreliable* High
Lamp replacement cost? Low Cost Expensive Low Cost
Long lamp life? Long Short* Long
Is it EMF compliant (electromagnetic interference)? Yes No* Yes
Disposal of previous fitting? Only 2 tubes to dispose of Need to dispose old tubes plus power factor correction capacity, which may contain PCBs Need to dispose of entire fitting