Delmade Subsoiler - A deep solution to a tough problem!

Supplier: Delmade Pty Ltd By: Delmade Pty Ltd
27 November, 2019

Have you been troubled with waterlogged and heavily compacted paddocks this winter? Or unusually dry soil that refuses to retain moisture?


With your crop or pasture, Beauty is MORE than just skin deep!.......

Have you been troubled with waterlogged and heavily compacted paddocks this winter? Or unusually dry soil that refuses to retain moisture? Using a DELMADE SUBSOILER to deep rip your ground prior to seeding could dramatically decrease water damage whilst assisting the soil to maintain good moisture content.

Deep Tillage, also known as Deep Ripping, or Subsoiling, is the practice of deep soil cultivation with tined implements that are specially designed to penetrate the ground at a depth much greater than that achieved by conventional ploughing.  Typically, this is anything greater than 250mm (10”).

Such implements must be meticulously well-built, and strong enough to penetrate the crusted subsoil pan. They must be resilient enough to absorb the shock as rocks and tree roots are impacted, and tough enough to resist the abrasive wear from stones, and sandy, gritty soil types.

The DELMADE SUBSOILER specifically designed for the often harsh and unforgiving Tasmanian landscape has proven to be up to the task. Photos provided to Delmade by a Dunkirk farmer demonstrate this showing just how beneficial deep ripping is


NO DEEP TILLAGE – poor root penetration – stunted root and plant growth


RESULTS WITH DELMADE SUBSOILER – deep root penetration – healthy root and plant growth

These two photos show the amazing difference deep ripping has made to the yield and growth of the crop.  Hard subsoil conditions produced the obviously stunted plants in Photo 1.  The plants shown in Photo 2 were grown during the same season in a similar neighbouring paddock that had first been tilled with a DELMADE SUBSOILER.  The hard subsoil pan had been shattered allowing moisture penetration, aeration and resulted in excellent well-formed healthy roots with deep penetration.

The farmer also reported that a wheat crop grown the next season in a previously low yield paddock had produced the best crop ever grown, after ripping with a DELMADE SUBSOILER. Equalling some of the best yields ever achieved across the farm. He added that this occurred in a very wet season normally detrimental to good wheat production. Despite excessive rain, and soaking conditions, the paddock remained accessible to farm traffic. Whereas previous similar wet seasons had created boggy waterlogged conditions that were impassable to farm machinery.

He attributes these gains entirely to his DELMADE SUBSOILER which he says is transforming his farm and his PROFIT margins.

Once the benefits of deep ripping are realised it’s hard to say no. Look to a DELMADE SUBSOILER if you are interested in:

  • Increased pasture & soil aeration; to promote oxygenation and soil microbial activity.
  • Increased moisture retention; to promote deeper root growth and resistance to dehydration.
  • Reduced flood risk by shattering the impenetrable subsoil crust and improving drainage.
  • Reduced water logging during wet seasons or irrigation.

"Subsoiling/Deep Ripping is like putting money in the bank!" 

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