Demaine Architects office building

Supplier: Composite Global Solutions
22 November, 2012

Demaine Architects is one of the oldest architecture firms in Melbourne.

Being in the industry, Demaine became aware of Thermomass and the way it was saving time in building and; energy in the long term.

When it came time to build Demaine's new office, precast concrete and Thermomass was the choice.

Building with precast concrete is usually quick and cost effective. This very principle drove a stereotyped view of the concrete jungles of the eastern-bloc in the 1970s.

However, time has shown that with good design from architects familiar with how to use precast concrete, the cost effectiveness can be preserved in a sleek, modern, attractive building.

Even better design means that the building is insulated from the outside of the thermal envelope, leaving large amounts of mass on the inside of the building to absorb and release heat.

Demaine Architects chose Thermomass, an insulated sandwich panel construction system. The placement of windows, shading and ventilation is another important factor in passive thermal design, having a major impact on heating and cooling costs.