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Density Measurement | 9690 Series Slurry Analyzer

Supplier: Precision Light & Air

The 9690 Series Slurry Analyzer is a new and extremely reliable technology available for the heavy industry to measure slurry and suspension density, inline, and with a minimum of installation and maintenance effort.

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The Rhosonics sensor of the Model 9690 Ultrasonic Density Analyzer employs only one, simple to install, flush mounted probe, which can be installed in a tank or in an existing pipeline, or supplied with our UFTC Full Bore Flow-Through cells.

•  High accuracy and reproducibility
•  Suitable for all types of slurries
•  Maintenance free
•  Probe type available to suit your application

The extremely powerful and revolutionary technology allows inline fluid density measurement of any known slurry. Field tests and experiments with a large variety of different compositions prove the Model 9690 analyzer's versatility.
•  Limestone, Gypsum
•  Silicon carbide, Zirconium Carbonate
•  Sand, Cement, Concrete, Dredging sludge
•  Ground Ore, Drilling Mud
•  Cutting and Polishing Slurry

Other Solutions
Model 9690 measures the density of the slurry. When liquor density is desired or in case you wish to measure the suspended solids (TSS), or all three parameters independently, then Rhosonics Model 9670 with Full Bore Flow Through sensors is the instrument of your choice.

Three methods probe installations are available to suit your specific application.
•  UMP-39 diver/immersion probes are available with different extension length, for easy installation inside a tank which is accessible from the top.
•  UFTW Wafer sensor (1 to 3” pipes)
•  UMCS type probe with weld adapter can be installed permanently in any tank or pipe size of 4” and larger.