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Design & DNC - Alibre Design(3D Design)

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The Best Value in 3D CAD --- Alibre Design is an industrial-strength, affordable parametric solid modeling system. Create precise 3D mechanical designs and automatically generate and detail associative 2D drawings that update when the 3D model changes. With integrated world-class product data management (PDM), Computer-Aided Machining (CAM), Finite Element Analysis, part libraries, sheet metal and much more, Alibre Design is the design and engineering platform that gets your job done fast, for a fraction of the cost of other products.

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The intuitive interface of Alibre Design isn't cluttered and complicated like other design software, it is streamlined to make the design tools you use every day immediately accessible, making it easier to learn and use, and making you more productive.

Part Modeling

Create your designs quickly with all the powerful 3D parametric features you would expect: extrude, revolve, loft, sweep, shell, patterns, arrays, and more. Offering the best of both worlds, Alibre Design's innovative Direct Editing allows you to break free of the constraints of parametric modeling and dynamically push or pull faces and features to get the results you desire.

Assembly Modeling

Alibre Design gives you the flexibility to design assemblies the way you want. Use existing part features to create new parts quickly and avoid repetitive work. The cutting edge 'drag-n-drop' constraint mode takes the guesswork out of putting your assembly together - it's almost as if the new part already knows how it fits. After constraints are applied, quickly visualize assembly behavior by dragging parts on screen to see the relative motion of parts in the assembly.

2D Drawings

Create production-ready engineering drawings in a snap. Orthographic projections, sections, details, auto-filled title blocks, fully ballooned exploded views with Bills of Materials - it's all in there. And when the 3D model changes, all the drawings automatically update.

Design Configurations

Efficiently build and manage projects with a variety of similar parts or assemblies by simply saving different configurations in the same file. Easily develop and save design variations of similar parts or assemblies that can be changed or substituted on the fly.

Sheet Metal

The Alibre Design Sheetmetal module allows you to quickly create intelligent sheet metal parts while specifying material thickness, bend radius, and K-factor. Add flanges, closed corners, bends, dimples, and user defined features such as punched or stamped forms. Work with your model in either the folded or flattened form for easy visualization, detailing, and editing.

Data Exchange

Alibre Design supports all standard 3D and 2D data exchange formats. A SolidWorks importer is also included, reading SolidWorks files directly into Alibre Design.

World-class Product Data Management (PDM)

Alibre Design offers completely integrated data and process management for your files and workflows. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the Alibre Vault' by M-FilesĀ® will satisfy your data management needs.

Familiar Interface

Integrated as a virtual drive within Windows, the Alibre Vault is as easy to use as browsing your Desktop. It is instantly familiar to anyone using Windows, and enables direct opening and saving from all Windows applications, supporting all file types, including Office, PDF, and CAD files.

Control Your Environment

File check-out and check-in eliminate simultaneous changes. Automatic versioning tracks revisions, and keeps a change log with usernames and timestamps, easily rolling back to a previous version.

Save Time Every Day

Find files faster with instant searching of file contents and meta-data. Organize file views any way you choose, for example by project, by client, or by department, and make any document available in multiple folders without creating copies.


With flexible security settings, you can hide sensitive documents through user permissions. Alibre Vault is also compatible with Active Directory, and can create scheduled backups of all data.


Powerful workflow tools create automatic e-mail notifications for things such as a document being modified or a process being completed. Advanced workflow modeling for business processes such as the engineering change order (ECO) process or user-defined approval loops make business happen faster, and follow a process you define.

Alibre CAM machining products are built on technology that is in production at thousands of locations worldwide. From 2 1/2-axis to 5-axis milling, Alibre CAM will help you make parts, fast.

Alibre CAM is an intuitive single user interface for CAD and CAM, with fully associative toolpaths and a wide variety of post processors for a fraction of the price of competing systems. Compared to a stand-alone CAM system, Alibre CAM will save you valuable hours by automatically updating toolpaths when your model changes.


Alibre Design offers full PDF publishing capabilities for your 3D models. Send anyone fully interactive 3D models in a highly compressed format. Customers or team members can view, rotate, zoom, and measure the model using the free Adobe Reader, installed on 98% of Internet-enabled computers worldwide.

Finite Element Analysis

With ALGOR DesignCheck finite element analysis (FEA) software, you can verify your part designs with a first-pass engineering analysis to simulate the stresses of real-world conditions, speeding up time to market and helping you make better, safer products at a lower cost.

Motion Simulation

Generate accurate kinematic and dynamic motion simulations of your assemblies with Alibre Motion. Specify input forces and torques, displacement limits for parts, and quickly see your assembly in motion. Outputs include animation files, XY plots of resultant forces, accel-erations, and torques, and interferences detected within the range of assembly movement.

Millions of Ready-Made Components

With two online part libraries, you have instant access to over one hundred million standard and manufacturer- specific components. From mechanical systems to fluid systems to fasteners for aerospace, you can find the parts you need online so you don't have to model them.

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