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Determine the cost of your eco-friendly bamboo flooring

Supplier: Simply Bamboo
03 November, 2010

In recent years, the popularity of bamboo flooring has gained momentum because of its ECO-Friendly nature and low maintenance requirements.

In addition, bamboo is a sustainable material and regenerates itself very quickly. It provides the hardness and strength of a hardwood material and its added durable nature makes bamboo an ideal choice to be used in the manufacturing of bamboo floors and other building materials.

Before you choose bamboo as your next flooring option, it is important to understand why you might see a wide range of prices for bamboo floors. There is usually a reason why the price of one bamboo floor is lower than the price of another bamboo floor, especially if it is by a wide margin. The cost of the bamboo flooring is determined by many factors and in this article, we will discuss those factors, so they can help to maintain your budget by keeping you well informed about the cost of the bamboo flooring.

First of all, the grade of the bamboo flooring should be considered before buying it. The grade of bamboo flooring describes the overall quality of the bamboo material and the grades are labeled as Grade “A” and Grade “B”. Grade “A” bamboo flooring is made of higher quality flooring material and it uses the fully mature bamboo plants of 5-7 years of age. Grade”A” bamboo flooring maintains a consistent color, is durable, and is resistant to fungi and mold growth. Grade “B” bamboo flooring, on the other hand, is made of bamboo that hasn’t fully matured. It is weaker than Grade A, and may have uneven color. Moreover, it is more susceptible to mold and fungi growth and can chip or dent more easily. Grade “A” bamboo flooring is more durable and more resilient than Grade “B” bamboo flooring.  Consequently, Grade”A” bamboo flooring is expensive than Grade “B” bamboo flooring and if you are looking for the quality product, see a reliable manufacturer to get you Grade “A” bamboo flooring.

The quality and type of adhesive used in the manufacturing of the bamboo floors directly impacts the price of bamboo flooring. Low quality adhesives often make use of a chemical compound know as “Formaldehyde” which can induce allergy like symptoms and can cause serious illness. Flooring adhesives or glues containing little or no formaldehyde content are more expensive than those glues with higher levels of formaldehyde.

 Another important factor in determining the cost of the bamboo flooring is the way a bamboo floor is constructed. For example, a strand woven bamboo floor undergoes a much lengthier manufacturing process than vertical or horizontal bamboo floors. This leads to the higher production costs which may result in a higher price. Similarly, a vertical bamboo floor is comprised of more bamboo planks than a horizontal bamboo floor. As a result, most of the bamboo manufactures charge a premium for the vertical bamboo floors. The color, age, and type of bamboo plants also decide the price of the bamboo floors. The price of a bamboo floor can also be determined by the flooring top coat finish that is applied in the last step of bamboo floor manufacturing. The poor quality bamboo floor finishes can contain volatile organic compounds which are emitted as gases. Exposures to volatile organic compounds can cause serious health problems including cancer. The bamboo flooring top coat finishes containing little to no volatile organic compounds are more expensive than those finishes with higher levels of VOC’s.

Many manufactures offer discount on bamboo floors and the bamboo flooring cost can be further reduced if you install the bamboo flooring on your own. Another important factor in determining the price of the bamboo floor is the time frame of the warranty. Before purchasing the bamboo floor, make sure that you ask for a warranty and its time frame or length.  Brand name also makes a huge difference in determining the cost of bamboo floors. Certain brands that have more recognition are more expensive due to their time in the industry, good reputation, proven quality services and excellent products.