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DEUTA REDBOXtop Signalling

Supplier: OEM Technology Solutions
23 February, 2015

Worldwide train protection - The REDBOXtop signalling records all of the required train protection data. This flexible REDBOX variant is used as Juridical Recorder Unit in train protection systems such as e.g. ETCS, CTCS or CBTS on locomotives, high speed trains, regional vehicles and metros.

The REDBOXtop signalling is compatible with all ETCS/CTCS levels as well as CENELEC standards Baseline 2 and Baseline 3.


In new vehicles and as plug-and-play replacement

The basic combination of the REDBOXtop signalling consists of a DEUTA REDBOXflex and an integrated Crash Protected Memory PMU 22. The hardware concept of the REDBOXtop signalling allows free space for all areas of application: In new vehicles and as plug-and-play replacement in retrofit projects. MVB, Ethernet and profibus await their use in the communication network of your train protection.

 In the hands of experts

Our experts accompany you with transparent processes during the entire project planning and usage phase.

Localised approvals and the configuration of your REDBOXtop signalling comply with the latest standards.


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