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Development applications and permits

Supplier: Blueprint Concepts
05 June, 2013

When doing external signage, development applications are needed in most cases.

Permits on the other hand will be necessary when doing signage installations that have influences on the pedestrian or road traffic.

Blueprint Concepts puts special emphasis on applying for development applications and permits in time from local council.

These application processes are of very high importance and may take up to several weeks. During the application it is crucial to have all the needed documentations at hand to guarantee a smooth process.

Development Applications and Permits – what to pay attention to

Due to the fact that the documentation that is combined with development applications and permits is fairly lengthy, one needs to be certain to have all the necessary documents.

Depending on the project and on the circumstances, the number of these documents may vary and can include some of the following: Police permits, engineer drawings, pedestrian management plans, environmental impact statements, road closure permits, SEPP64, shop drawings, architectural plans, traffic management plans, heritage council reports, building owners consent, construction certificates, RTA, waste management plans as well as elevations. When it comes to the acquisition of above mentioned documents, expertise is of great essence and may help speeding up the application process.

Blueprint Concepts and Development Applications and Permits

At Blueprint Concepts we have specialised in advising our clients on ne necessary DAs and permits as well as on putting together all the information that is needed.

The process that is combined with applying for Development Applications and Permits is one that needs to be planned ahead. It is therefore crucial to start to prepare all the documents as soon as possible to prevent timing problems that may occur as a consequence.

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