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Device Management - Wavelink Avalanche

Supplier: Intermec

Wavelink Avalanche® is a comprehensive management solution for the wireless ecosystem that provides complete visibility and control of wireless infrastructure and mobile devices from a central console.

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Avalanche eases the configuration, deployment and management of wireless networks, while offering extensive flexibility by supporting a wide range of mobile devices and infrastructure.

Manage and Control Your Wireless Ecosystem

  • Centralised Management
  • Flexible Software Distribution
  • Profile Based Configuration
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Push/Pull Mode Software Updates
  • Checkpoint / Restart
  • Device GUI Lockdown
  • Text Messaging

Wavelink Avalanche® is a comprehensive management solution for the wireless ecosystem that provides complete visibility and control of wireless infrastructure and mobile devices from a central console. Avalanche eases the configuration, deployment and management of wireless networks, while offering extensive flexibility by supporting a wide range of mobile devices and infrastructure. It is the only vendor-agnostic product in the market offering such extensive functionality and reduced complexity across such a large number of mobile devices and infrastructure. It improves the productivity of mobile workers, increases network security, and reduces the total cost associated with owning and managing mobile devices and peripherals.

Easy-to-Use Web-Based Console
Avalanche offers two versions of its easy-to-use centralised console; a Java version and a Web-based version. With the Web console there is no client-side installation; users simply access the console through a standard Web browser. Designed with user experience in mind, the console ensures an easy-to-use interface that also provides multi-tenancy enhancements. This enables administrators to segment their business units and ensures users only see authorised parts of the system.

Independent, Full-Featured Support for Devices from Many Vendors
Avalanche offers you a way to escape the limitations of vendor-specific management systems by providing broad support for devices from many vendors. This includes everything from legacy DOS-based devices, to wireless printers, barcode scanners and RFID readers. Additionally, all types of handheld mobile computers, access points, wireless switches, Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi converters, flight data recorders, time clocks and other embedded OS devices are included.

Simple, Efficient Provisioning Out of the Box
Avalanche saves you time and money by making it easy to manage devices. The Avalanche Enabler can automatically find the Avalanche system, eliminating the need for administrators to carry out extensive device discovery efforts.

Avalanche can streamline batch provisioning with the Scan-to-Configure feature that allows configuration parameters to be set using scanned, secure barcodes. Avalanche also makes extensive use of Profiles and Groups, which allows administrators to predefine configuration details that can be automatically applied to new devices meeting specified criteria, rather than provisioning each device individually as it is added.

Inside and Outside the Four Walls
Reaching beyond the four-walls of an enterprise, Avalanche works seamlessly across networks, whether they are on a controlled WLAN using Wi-Fi or over more diverse WWAN connections including cellular networks. It allows you to continue doing your job while still allowing the end-user to perform their job. Because it operates over any kind of network, you are not putting any undue overheard on the network transport, with Avalanche you can send out devices updates knowing you are providing network and device security.

Ensure Security Across Your Network
Between constant threats to security, and increasingly stringent corporate and regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, today's businesses need Avalanche to help manage security and provide oversight across the wireless ecosystem. Avalanche lets administrators set, and continually enforce wireless network and security configurations using powerful profiles that apply policies based on defined criteria. It is the only complete solution for 802.11 provisioning via extensive support for industry standard encryption and authentication protocols.

Utilising the Avalanche SecurePlus plug-in, administrators gain support for client-side certificates and device lockdown rules. To prevent unwanted intrusions, Avalanche detects foreign and rogue access points and client devices, while offering centralised access to control lists for infrastructure and role-based user access to the console. System security is ensured through the encryption of communication channels and database encryption on sensitive fields, such as passwords and keys.

Device-Location Mapping
Avalanche provides an accurate view of both where and how your assets are being used through Device Location Mapping. This feature provides detailed information regarding the location of mobile devices under management using GPS and bolsters wireless WAN management capabilities. Use Device Location Mapping to physically locate where it was and when it was last operational. If a device is ever lost or stolen, Device Location Mapping can help track that device down to the street level, regardless of its location across the globe.

Using a Web-based map, Avalanche can zoom into the exact street level, providing a pin-point location of the device, as well as other important information like the current latitude, longitude, heading and speed of the device, and even a location history (breadcrumbs). If the device is GPRS/EDGE/3G enabled, Avalanche can even track an approximate location based on cell tower association for those instances where a GPS signal is not available. Geofencing capabilities allow administrators to define geographic areas where devices are expected to be located. These boundaries can then be used to trigger alerts whenever a device crosses into or out of the geofenced area.

Infrastructure-Management Enhancements
Through wireless infrastructure management, Avalanche provides organisations with the necessary control and monitoring of access points and switches from the widest range of manufacturers on the market. Avalanche provides advanced threat detection for rogue and foreign access points and also a wide array of new reports to provide deeper insight to your wireless network. With Avalanche, you gain powerful visualisation tools that provide administrators with a graphical representation of the wireless ecosystem through floor plan diagrams. Administrators can import multiple diagrams as needed and plot the locations of infrastructure devices. Avalanche can then display heat maps representing predicted wireless coverage and even display information about associated mobile devices.

Monitor and Maintain Remote Devices
Avalanche MC gives you the needed visibility to easily manage and effectively respond to wireless network conditions. Avalanche generates customisable alerts that are displayed in the console or sent to e-mail servers, pagers and external systems such as Tivoli®, HP OpenView™, or CA Unicenter®. Avalanche MC provides an array of pre-configured reports and a feature for customising your own reports to get you the information you need. To help you manage remote devices, Avalanche MC uses profiles that control what software and files are pushed to the device and what applications are allowed to run. It also gives you remote control capabilities that extend to the keyboard, registry and file system using the Avalanche Remote Control™ plug-in.

Designed for the Enterprise
Avalanche is an enterprise-strength application suite that can expand and adapt to your organisation's needs. Whether you have just a few locations, or hundreds, Avalanche has a scalable, distributed architecture that allows you to deploy servers in a way that works for your environment. Avalanche includes an enterprise class database or can integrate with your existing SQL Server implementation. Avalanche also integrates with Active Directory to simplify user authentication and permissioning.

Whether you need to manage 50 devices, or 50,000 wireless devices, Avalanche can provide a unified management system that will grow with you and your organisation.

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