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Diaroc Grinding Cups

Supplier: AUSROC

The Series 2000 Diaroc Grinding Cups have been developed using superior technology, giving ultimate life and factory profile when used on any type of button bit grinder.

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Extensive R&D and testing was carried out to develop the 2000 series diaroc grinding cup that gives optimum performance on all button bit grinding machines.

The regrinding of worn tungsten carbide button bits is very important during the life of the bit. If the tungsten carbide buttons are sharpened incorrectly this can have an adverse effect, by reducing both drilling performance, and bit life.

Ausroc's 2000 series diaroc cups are able to regrind the tungsten carbide buttons and the steel body simultaneously to near factory profile.


  • Available in a full range of sizes (6mm through to 25mm) ex-stock,
  • Supply all the various profiles, (hemispherical, ballistic, Parabolic)
  • Available in most common shank configurations,
  • Able to grind the carbide and the steel body simultaneously with good production rates and tool life,
  • The grinding cups are self-sharpening and maintain their shape throughout the life of the tool,
  • The 2000 series diaroc grinding cups produce a near factory profile when machine angles are set correctly, thus maintaining a constant and efficient production rate.