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Diesel/Gas Australia system on Nissan Patrol GU 4.2Td

Supplier: Diesel/Gas Australia

Vehicles fitted with the Diesel/Gas Australia system. Included are vital statistics for each vehicle showing economy figures where possible and power/toque figures for those vehicles dyno tuned.

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2002 Nissan Patrol GU Coil Cab
TD42T – 4.2l 6Cyl turbo diesel
5 Speed Manual
80,000km when fitted
Average fuel consumption 15l/100km

Standard Power: (red line)
96.6hp @ 3200rpm
840lbft @ 2600rpm

DieselGas Power (green line):
141.5hp @ 2750rpm (+46%)
1295lbft @ 2040rpm (+54%)



  • Power has increased 46% and torque 55%. This was achieved with no black smoke.  Power is also created much earlier; peaking 450rpm sooner (also note how much quicker the power climbs on the graph). Torque peaks 600rpm sooner.  This example shows typical results for a large capacity, slower revving turbo diesel.
  • A larger capacity intercooler has been fitted to this vehicle, with boost pressure and injection pump both adjusted to optimise performance. The nett effect was more power from lower in the rev range, with the power climbing quicker – essentially no turbo lag.
  • With the diesel/gas system fitted, power and torque increased dramatically, further enhancing the intercooler upgrade.
  • This example demonstrates how other performance modifications can be further enhanced with this system. The nett result for this vehicle was 48% more power over standard.

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