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Diesel/Gas Australia

Diesel/Gas Australia | LPG systems on Vehicles,Stationary Engines

Diesel/Gas Australia

Who is Diesel/Gas Australia?

Diesel/Gas Australia is a privately fully owned Australian Company located in Adelaide. With a background emanating from the auto gas industry the owners of the Company saw an opportunity to produce an auto gas product for the small end of the diesel market. The system produced by Diesel/Gas Australia has been designed and manufactured in Adelaide by people who have a long history in the auto gas industry.

What is the Diesel/Gas Australia system.

In a word, brilliant. A small amount of LPG is introduced into the engine via the air intake system. This gas acts as a catalyst to improve the combustion process, ensuring almost all of the diesel injected is burnt. Most diesel engines have a burn rate of 75-85%, with the remainder of the diesel being burnt in the exhaust system or blown out as black smoke. With the Diesel/Gas Australia system, the burn rate goes up to 95-98%.

Will it fit my vehicle?

If your vehicle is diesel, this system can be fitted. Turbocharged or naturally aspirated, mechanical or electronic injection - and the better the engine goes to begin with, the better it will go afterwards, although all engines will see a dramatic improvement.

An LPG tank is fitted to the vehicle. A gas switch/gauge module is mounted on the dash. The computer is mounted under the dash.

The system itself is non-invasive, and can be removed and fitted to another vehicle. No engine modification is required. See Installation section

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To date we have installed over 2600 systems throughout Australia and this is further supported by our specially trained network of installers in 70 locations around the country.

Diesel/Gas Australia is the largest supplier of diesel gas systems into the Australian market and has now recently started exporting to over 6 countries.

Diesel/Gas Australia warranties our product throughout Australia and has a network in place to support this guarantee

Be wary of imitation systems of fly by nighter's and ensure that the system being fitted is in fact the original Diesel/Gas Australia product

Many of these systems are basic in their operation and may not deliver what is promised

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