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Diesel Particulate Monitor (DPM) | Airtec

Supplier: Kenelec Scientific

The Airtec Diesel Particulate Monitor (DPM) from FLIR displays elemental carbon levels in real time, taking the measurement out of the laboratory and placing it in the hands of the mine operator/ventilation engineer.

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Sensitive, rugged and easy to use, the Airtec monitor provides results that are time-and-space-resolved. This capability enables rapid modification of vehicle use, personnel placement and mine or building ventilation.

The monitor uses technology developed by the diesel particulate group at the NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory and has been determined to precisely replicate results from their method 5040 test.

In addition to being compact and light-weight enough to be worn on a miner’s belt, the Airtec monitor can be mounted in a vehicle cab, on a mine wall or on ventilation equipment. The monitor operates on a Lithium-ion battery for more than a full shift or AC power using an adapter.

Readings are displayed on an LCD screen with a user-selectable backlight and data can be downloaded using supplied software via USB connection for review of an extended monitoring period. The instrument has an integrated air pump and submicron particle size selector; allowing for immediate use.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight, rugged device
  • Wearable by miners on a belt loop
  • High sensitivity to DPM
  • Contains a flow-selectable air pump
  • Equivalent results to NIOSH method 5040
  • Large display
  • Battery or AC power


  • Decreased DPM monitoring costs
  • Helps prevent MSHA non-compliance
  • Increased miner safety
  • High DPM level alarms
  • Allow engineering control evaluation
  • Enables ventilation on demand (VOD)
  • Bolsters confidence in a healthy environment
  • Real time results

Operational Advantages:

  • Real time results  - No more waiting days or weeks for results
  • Can be worn on a belt or vehicle/wall mounted  - Light and highly portable
  • No filters to send to an outside lab - All measurements done on the instrument
  • Easy to use - Self-explanatory interface
  • Verifies effectiveness of ventilation - Allows corrective action to be taken
  • Generates dozens to thousands of EC - concentration values for less than a single NIOSH 5040 test
  • Can connect to a data network via optional - 4-20 mA output
  • Specifically detects DPM (via EC measurements); -  no sensitivity to common mine interference


System Weight                      1.5 lbs (681g)

Power Requirements          7.4 VDC (built-in Li-ion battery)

                                                100 - 240 VAC (wall charger)

Sensitivity                              < 15 μg/m3 elemental carbon (EC)

Dynamic Range                   9-600 μg/m3 (8hr TWA EC)

Output                                     LCD display with user-controlled backlight

                                                 User selectable 1, 5, 15 min. averaging

                                                 EC and TC data logged 8 hr TWA DPM levels

                                                Mini-USB connection

                                                Optional 4-20 mA output

Alarms                                  Low battery, filter change necessary

                                               Pump flow

                                               LCD alerts

Battery Life                           >12 hrs

Dimensions                         Approx 12.1cm(H) x 13.3cm(W) x 6.4cm(D)

                                                4.75”(H) x 5.25”(W) x 2.5”(D)

Data Archive                          2.75 to 66.6 days (1 min. to 1 hr sample intervals