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Digi Long Range Communications

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XTend OEM RF modules

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Digi Long RangeXTend OEM RF modules

Digi's XTend OEM RF modules provide unprecedented range in a low-cost wireless data solution. The modules are easy-to-use, require minimal power and provide reliable delivery of critical data between devices. Their small form factor saves valuable board space.

Due to innovations stamped in its design, the XTend module supplies two- to eight-times the range of other modules operating within the unlicensed 900 MHz frequency band. The range gained by OEMs and integrators is due to proprietary technologies embedded into each module such as superior RX (receiver) sensitivity, interference immunity, modulation/demodulations techniques, and others.

No configuration is necessary for out-of-box RF communications. The module’s default configuration supports a wide range of data system applications. Advanced configurations can be implemented using simple AT or binary commands.

Product summary:

  • ISM 900 MHz operating frequency
  • 1 mW - 1 Watt power output (up to 40 mile range)
  • 256-bit AES Encryption (128-bit Australia)
  • Several advanced networking options and topologies supported
  • Approved for use in the United States, Canada, and Australia (XTH9)
  • Available with DigiMesh™

9XTend RF modem

Digi’s 9XTend RF modems can be configured in minutes to provide low-cost serial cable replacement between all types of electronic devices. Available in 900 MHz, 9XTend long range RF modems provide transmission ranges of up to 30 miles in a low-cost wireless solution using suitable external antennas.

The modems are coupled with a DIP-switchable RS-232/422/485 interface board and regularly outperform more expensive RF modems. Their outstanding receiver sensitivity enable 9XTend RF modems to yield two- to eight-times the range of competing modems, allowing customers to cover more ground with fewer devices, thereby reducing the complexity of data system development.

Available in a variety of data interface options, including RS-232/422/485 serial, 9XTend RF modems can wirelessly connect a variety of devices across many applications including remote monitoring, building automation/security, industrial automation/SCADA, fleet management/asset tracking and sensor data capture in embedded systems