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Digital Library Series RAID Storage

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Versatile digital storage solution for both small and large requirements

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Able to be integrated via a Firewire (IEEE1394 or i.Link) connection into any PC-based system or compatible embedded digital video recorder, the Digital Library Series allows for convenient flexible cost-effective mass storage.

Since it is Operating System independent, the boxes are universal and can be easily added to any type of existing digital storage solution.

With a high performance transfer rate of 450MB/sec, instant data storage and retrieval is possible, ensuring digital video recorders can save recorded footage directly to the Digital Library Series and retrieve playback image immediately.

No need for complicated backup routines or data archiving as the Digital Library Series functions as if the storage was directly inside the machine itself.

Hot-swappable technology permits the hard disk drives to be removed while the system is still operational, providing the flexibility to continue functioning during hard disk drive replacement for either servicing or upgrades.

Available in configurations of 4, 8 or 12 IDE hard disk drives per box, powerful fans inside keep the temperature ideal and prolong the life of the hard disk drives.

Up to 63 boxes can be daisy-chained together via a simple Firewire loop connection; or for truly large scale deployments, Firewire hubs can be integrated into the solution to connect a staggering 1,023 boxes.

By utilising Firewire repeaters, Digital Library Boxes can be located up to 100 metres from the device they are connected to, providing flexibility when it comes to placement on-site.

Importantly, built-in RAID fault tolerance ensures the Digital Library Series is the reliable professional choice for all your storage requirements.

Large storage capacity with RAID reliability

The Digital Library Series permit large digital storage solutions to be spread over numerous storage boxes.

This allows a large number of hard disk drives to work as a single storage entity without fear of heat-buildup or strain on a single power supply.

RAID technology is built-in to permit fault tolerance and also extends the life of the hard disk drives. The units themselves have a mean life in excess of 500,000 operating hours.

Robust in design, powerful fans keep the hard disk drives at an ideal operating temperature and the units can be easily rack-mounted to provide a compact storage solution.

Users are able to install up to twelve hard disk drives into each Digital Library storage box, and the hard disk drives appear and operate as if they were installed directly in the PC or digital video recorder itself.

There is no need for messy archiving or compression programs, just simple, convenient mass storage as required.

Hot-swappable technology

Conventionally, most PC-based systems and a large number of embedded digital video recorders need to be powered off before hard disk drives can be removed or exchanged.

With hot-swappable technology available, hard disk drives can be removed at any time, allowing the user to continue recording or operating the PC system avoiding any type of down-time due to hard drive failure or maintenance.

Firewire connectivity

Firewire connectivity, which is also known as IEEE1394 or I.Link is a high-speed data conduit which allows up to a 450MB/sec transfer rate.

With the added convenience of Firewire loop connections present on each of the Digital Library storage boxes, up to 63 units can be connected in a cost-effective daisy chain configuration which is simple to set-up.

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