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Dimpleflo - Saves Energy, The Environment & Money

Supplier: Teralba Industries
01 April, 2009

In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, many Australian manufacturers and service providers are utilizing the Australian made Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchangers to recover energy from any warm or hot product or effluent.

Industries, such as laundries, wool scourers, abattoirs, dye houses etc that have hot wastewater, are extracting energy from this effluent through Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers.

Dimpleflo Monotube systems have proved maintenance free in many demanding applications even when hot waste products may include chunks, particles or sludge with fouling properties.

For example, Hot sludge or wastewater at a typical process discharge temperature of 60 degrees C may be pumped through inner dimpled surface of the unit which will achieve a 35 degree drop bringing the discharge temperature down to an acceptable 25 degrees whilst boiler feed water is preheated in the jacket of the Heat Exchanger from 20°c - 50°c. The energy savings are astounding with the costs associated with the upgrade often being recovered in reduced energy bills within 3-4 months of operation.

This significant energy recovery can be used wherever a hot product or waste is cooled.

In many cases this waste heat which has previously been allowed to dissipate to atmosphere is redirected to heat wash down water used for process cleaning, and wash down showers etc, and is basically heated for FREE. No energy No green house gases, Minimal cost.

With more Australians recognising the impact of energy misuse and wastage and the need to conserve energy for the future, Teralba Industries Is ready to assist you with worked calculations of energy savings thanks to the renowned Dimpleflo. Stand by for a surprise!! The savings are often well in excess of our predictions.

By incorporating the modular concept for future reconfiguration or expansion and dimple technology for efficient heat transfer, these heat exchange units are an extremely versatile, economical and cost effective system.

Unique features of the renowned Dimpleflo include:

  • High efficiency heat transfer in a self-cleaning design that is virtually maintenance free.
  • The unique Dimple profiled tubing can process large diameter particulates and high percentage of solids in the fluid streams.
  • Australian designed and manufacture to stringent design codes.
  • Can be added to or reconfigured if the application changes in the future due to its modular design.
  • Cost effective due to its capabilities and efficient heat transfer.