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DIN Rail Mount Indicators - RM4-AV AC Voltage Input

Supplier: Amalgamated Instrument Co

The RM4-AV is a DIN rail mounted process unit which can function as an indicator/alarm/controller/transmitter/computer interface.

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The RM4-AV accepts AC voltages in the ranges of 0-1.5VAC, 0-15VAC, 0-150VAC and 0-300VAC. An on board link is provided to allow DC components within AC waveforms to be taken into account in the reading or ignored.

Measurement is in true RMS and the display can be scaled as required. All function settings and calibration scaling is carried out via the front panel pushbuttons. One alarm relay is provided as standard with programmable hysteresis, trip time and reset time delay functions.

The trip time delay is particularly useful in AC voltage measurement to ensure that short term voltage surges do not trip the alarm relays. Combinations of optional outputs including extra relays, analog retransmission or serial communications (ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol) can also be provided.

The RM4-AV has a programmable display brightness function. This allows the unit to be operated with low display brightness to reduce the instrument power consumption and to improve readability in darker areas.

The programmable eight level digital filter improves stability by smoothing out short term interference using weighted averaging of the input sample. An external input is configurable to perform one of various functions e.g. Two level brightness switching, peak hold, display hold, max/min memory, setpoint only access or security lockout.

Electrical isolation between power supply, input signal and retransmission eliminates grounding and common mode voltage problems.

Features of DIN Rail Mount Indicators - RM4-AV AC Voltage Input:

  • Measures in true RMS - ranges 0-1.5VAC, 0-15VAC, 0-150VAC and 0-300VAC
  • Pushbutton calibration and setup
  • 5 digit LED display and relay/alarm status indication
  • ProgrammablePbutton function e.g. max/min display
  • Isolation between input, output and supply
  • Powered by 240V, 110V, 48V, 42V, 32V, 24VAC, or 12 to 48V DC (factory configured)
  • Digital filter for improved stability
  • One alarm/control relay output (5A) standard
  • Programmable display brightness reduces power consumption and controls glare in low brightness areas
  • Auto dim feature conserves power
  • Remote input to perform special functions e.g. zero, tare/gross/net, peak hold, display hold, max/min, scale switching or security lock out
  • Rugged aluminium DIN rail mount housing
  • 2 year guarantee

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