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Diode Lasers

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The modular design of the diode laser beam source provides the flexibility to fulfill customer wishes, which are not covered by the standard Laserline program.

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Diode lasers can be designed in accordance with customer requirements and with reference to the application around the core of one or several diode laser stacks. This can be one diode laser head as the smallest unit or for example multi-diode laser systems.

The highly qualified Laserline expert team facilitates the flexible adaptation of mechanical, electrical and/or optical interfaces to the customer's requirements. In the development of the beam source, great value is placed on customer use and on production requirements for later integration.


The modular design of diode lasers and stack technology is characterized by the cost-optimized implementation of solutions for multi- laser applications. Even a system expansion -at a later stage, if necessary - can be easily realized

  • Compact design
  • High power density
  • Narrow band width of the central wavelength
  • Multi-kW beam sources
  • Unmatched efficiency
  • Customer-specific electrical, mechanical and optical interfaces

The principle "It's got to fit" applies not only as the highest requirement for certain welding procedures and applications with lasers, but also expresses success.

Diode + laser = diode laser.

What appears to be a simple equation is what determines the future.

Diodes - as the core of a diode laser - with a compact structure, a very high power density and unmatched efficiency can achieve much more than other laser types.


But it is not only diode lasers, but also diode- pumped solid state lasers, which are being increasingly used in modern production lines. Quite often they are based on Laserline OEM beam sources as the pumping sources. With the aim of attaining the greatest technical and commercial success, Laserline develops solutions in consistent cooperation with the customer.

Modern, diode-pumped solid state lasers are used for cutting of thick metal sheets and for remote welding. They are based either on single diodes or on diode laser stacks as a pump source. Laserline diode lasers or diode laser heads are particularly suitable for pumping, since they achieve an extremely high optical to optical efficiency with greatest intensity and narrow bandwidth.

All future concepts in the field of lasers are based on laser diodes. Whether it is as a direct diode laser or as a diode-pumped solid state laser. In the case of the diode-pumped lasers, the beam quality of the diode laser is improved by means of an external resonator - disk or fiber.

In this context, the beam quality, the laser power and the wavelength specification of the diode pump source are of decisive significance for the system efficiency and for the economic efficiency of the complete system.


High laser performance paired with excellent beam quality and reliability offers the ideal basis for the integration of Laserline diode lasers into the customer's products. In this way, Laserline's competence is matched with the customer's expertise - and a symbiosis arises which serves the customer's long-term requirements.

The basic idea was "Bring together what belongs together!", since the use of diode lasers in production and particularly in mass production has led to greater reliability, higher quality, and improved optical as well as economical efficiency. These benefits can also be employed by OEM customers using Laserline diodes as a pump source.

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