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Direct System

Supplier: Inductotherm

Inductotherm Direct (Pressure) Pour Systems are capable of handling ferrous and copper-based metals, and combine the precision of a stopper rod mechanism with the metal capacity and accurate temperature control of a channel-type induction heated vessel.

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We understand the need to eliminate quality-robbing underpours and wasteful overpours with accurate control of the metal, and work to help you produce higher-quality castings with precision pouring action and repeatability.

The pressure in the holding vessel is used to maintain a constant metal level in the stopper pouring box, but not to regulate pouring.

The furnace moves on both x and y axes, and is able to adjust for varying sprue locations. Pouring is accomplished by raising and lowering the stopper rod, which can be controlled manually or automatically with great accuracy because of its quick response time and precise movement.

Tundish pouring systems:

Inductotherm's Unheated Pouring systems also use the industry's most reliable and responsive stopper rod pouring mechanisms, and are ideal for applications with quick alloy changes of gray, malleable and treated ductile iron.

These systems feature a thermally efficient and easy-to-maintain tundish design which also moves on both x and y axes to adjust for varying mold thickness and sprue locations.

Pouring controls:

The key to successful pouring is using the best control system for your application.

Inductotherm offers a variety of computerised control systems ranging from joystick-based operator-run systems to the industry's most advanced and reliable vision-based system, Visipour®, — to provide the best way to keep pace with today's fastest molding machines.

Pedictive pour performance control technology:

Inductotherm's new advancement in pouring is our breakthrough P³™ (Predictive Pour Performance) Control Technology which provides perfect pour precision.

This style of pouring utilises process information to maintain optimum accuracy and pouring speed. Mould filling is more accurate than ever before, eliminating quality-robbing under pours and wasteful over pours.

The enhanced nature of P³™ enables the smallest acceptable sprue cups, which increases mould yield. Consistent pouring minimises casting defects and optimises pouring time to provide higher production rates for todays most advanced and fast molding lines.