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Directory Submissions - 4 Keys For Success

Supplier: Search Digital
26 August, 2009

Directories have existed in some form or another for a long time.

You probably have a telephone directory in your home, and for hundreds of years merchants have kept directories of products that they stock or can easily obtain for their customers. Web directories are the internet's answer to this phenomenon, and they are essential for the online businessperson who wants to drive traffic to his site and make sales.

Some online business owners believe that search engines have made directories obsolete, but that is far from the truth. While search engines do, in fact, deliver more traffic to websites since more users utilize search engines than directories, directories can still positively impact the traffic flow to your website.

Directories are listings of websites that are divided into categories and subcategories. When internet users want to find out more information about a particular product, they simply go to a directory and conduct a search on the topic they want to know more about. Rather than displaying the results in a ranked format the way a search engine might, a directory will display the results according to category and subcategory.

So all you need to do as an online business owner is to submit your site to a directory. Here are four keys to finding success with directories.

1. Only use the best. Search engines regularly spider directories that are maintained well and that are of high quality. But be warned that search engines don't treat all directories equally. The search engine algorithm is designed only to spend time with directories that are the best of the best. So the most important thing you can do is to find directories that are favored by search engine algorithms.

In your search for a high-quality directory, look for directories with recent cache dates, directories in which pages are indexed extensively, directories that only include well-developed and well-maintained sites, directories that have a lot of inbound links from other sites, and directories that are well-established

2. Remember the importance of third-party links. Search engines place a premium on third-party links, and directories are a great way to access such links. And you're even better off if those third-party links are from highly-respected sites. This is another reason why directory submissions are so important for improving your search engine ranking. Even search engines recommend that you submit to directories.