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DMG plate for a reciprocating grate cooler

Supplier: Dura-Metal (Australia)
30 November, 2011

This grate plate is a product by Dura-Metal and was developed based on wide-ranging experience of the use of Dura-Metal wear plates in clinker coolers in the cement industry by a vast variety of manufacturers.

Many of these cooler manufacturers are now concentrating on the next generation of clinker coolers, which have static aeration doors. Customers all over the world in need of spare plates for their reciprocating grate coolers often face long delivery times and high costs.

Small order quantities and differing technical designs of these cast structures contribute to increased prices and delivery times.

Dura-Metal has looked for and found a way to provide customers with spare plates that are durable as usual and can be delivered at short notice so that large stocks are no longer necessary and can be reduced to a minimum.

The solution is a functionally-equivalent grate plate produced as a completely welded structure which can be seamlessly inserted into the plating of existing cooler grates. However, because the air drag of these plates is  different from that of cast plates, it would be more fruitful to equip whole rows or whole aeration chambers in order to ensure these grate areas are evenly aerated and to prevent overheating in areas with a higher drag.

What is it that makes Dura-Metal DMG plates really interesting for customers?

1. Durability proven in tens of thousands of cases

The wear surfaces (surfaces in contact with clinker with relative movement) are made of Dura-Metal composite steel with the same qualities which have proved extremely hard-wearing in tens of thousands of coolers grate plates from various manufacturers. With well-functioning aeration, periods of use of 5 years and more are the norm rather than the exception.

2. Short delivery times

All components for the welding structure are made from quality plates stockpiled at Dura-Metal and are always in stock in a quantity sufficient for the production of approximately 1000 plates. The direct transfer of urgent jobs to Dura-Metal component production department ensures the shortest delivery times, provided that the reference material has been submitted.

3. Consistent delivery quality

Dura-Metal manufactures products in strict compliance with the provisions of the audited quality manual. All plates and smaller materials are obtained from selected suppliers together with an acceptance test certificate or following predefined chemical analysis. Cutting processes used are laser, water-jet or plasma cutting which are performed in cooperation with long-term flexible partners who meet our high in-house requirements in terms of quality and delivery dates. Coating of composite steel plates is and remains an essential task carried out by experienced staff . This is how we ensure that the quality of the wear-protection coating is consistent.

4. High manufacturing quality

All components of Dura-Metal grate plates are cut and worked using CNC with the narrowest of tolerances. Components are connected to form a neatly- fitting assembly by welding on a state-of-the-art robotic welding system with optimized welding sequence and approved welding parameters. This partly-automated manufacturing process produces a low-distortion welding structure that, after only minor final rectification, complies with the strict tolerance requirements of the final quality control. All approved assemblies are marked with the relevant approved sticker. The scope of inspection (random, 10%, 50% or 100%) is determined according to delivery quantity and customer requirements.

5. Suitability for different operating conditions

Dura-Metal grate plates are by default available with two basic material qualities depending on the expected operating temperatures:

  • Material quality 16Mo3 for lower temperatures up to 200°C
  • Material quality X 15 CrNiSi 20 12 for higher temperatures up to about 500°C

X15-plates are marked with an "X" on the back. 16Mo3-plates are not marked.

6. Comparatively lowest total cost for end customers

Dura-Metal is a large consumer of plates and filler materials and procures them in large quantities. We pass our saving in procurement costs on to our customers through attractive prices for our end products. And this all means that buying a Dura-Metal grate plates you buy a durable product with consistent quality at lowest total cost with respect to price and durability.