DNV Approved Marine Panel PCs & Displays

13 Jul 2021

In our age of rapid technological advancement, the marine and offshore industries are continually searching for new ways to take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

When it comes to maritime activities and naval forces, fast, reliable, and durable technology are critical to the mission. Backplane System Technology offers Winmate products that feature marine-grade design and undergo rigorous testing beyond military standards to ensure safety and performance. Our innovative marine-grade Displays, Panel PCs, and EAC Box PCs provide reliable power, peripheral connectivity, and the ability to control multiple devices at once while meeting marine equipment standards - DNVGL-CG- 0339, IEC60945, and IACS E10.

We strive to provide excellent availability of our products, recognizing the need of our customers for timely delivery and long-term availability. During the design phase, we carefully select our components to ensure an extended state of construction – in addition, we have a system to handle end-of-life issues for our customers' benefit. Our products help you digitalize the mission-critical environment with top professional quality and Marine Grade Certifications.

Certification Process

The certification process for marine-grade products is complex due to the nature of its application and the high-security requirements. To obtain certifications, the manufacturer must acquire an adequate security space for the employees concerned and provide the necessary access records to the respective certifying authority. With the constantly changing technology landscape, certifications must be re-obtained for every new technology. It means that system integrators and end-users must choose the right supplier like Winmate to ensure long-term stability and delivery. 

Traditionally used in battle rooms, tactical rooms, as well as on the bridge of naval vessels, MARINE GRADE certified displays and systems offer a broad range of areas of use:

1. WAR ROOMS- Whether found in a land-based military facility or aboard naval vessels, war rooms typically feature numerous display screens or Panel computing.

2. MOBILE GROUND SECURITY CONTAINERS- Vital to contemporary war, mobile phone ground monitoring compartments provide support for soldiers on the ground, using thermal cameras, radar, and many sensors to determine the real-time situations and location.

3. EMBASSIES AND GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS- In addition to army centres, authorities such as consular offices might be prominent targets for foreign intelligence intercepts. Typically, any political centre or military centre dealing with vulnerable and classified information can gain by embracing Marine-grade displays and panel computing.

Key Factors to Considered

When selecting marine-grade devices, it is strongly recommended to check whether the device meets the following essential criteria.

1. DNV CERTIFICATE- The DNV certificate is considered a high-quality seal, which certifies the suitability of a device for use in the marine sector. In the IEC requirements, there are still shortcuts that allow for absolute deviations; every shortcut taken will break down the quality, safety, and security of the end product.

2. ALL DEVICES MUST BE IEC 60945- approved to satisfy the industry's stringent security and safety demands. All instruments and components used in the ship's bridge, even those that form a minor part of the critical framework, must be evaluated under the IEC 60945 criteria and regulations. DNV- GL (or some of the other certified and identified third-party communities of distinction) will perform a device audit.

3. SHOCK AND VIBRATION- Marine Vessels are constantly exposed to impacts and vibrations of various forms. The devices must therefore resist such vibrations and operate normally.

4. ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE (EMI) - Unwanted signals created by the circuits inside devices affect the performance of other devices in the same environment, so it is essential to choose appropriate EMI shielded devices.

5. ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (EMC)- Similarly, EMC is the ability of a device to operate as designed without interfering with the performance of other devices in the mutual operating environment.

6. INDUSTRIAL-GRADE EQUIPMENT PROVIDES ADDITIONALLY STABILITY- When choosing a MARINE GRADE product, it is essential to pick a manufacturer that offers high quality and rugged products. While marine certifications ensure compatibility, it does not guarantee the quality and durability of the product. Therefore, it is advisable to choose industrial-grade products coated with relevant materials to withstand the harsh operating environment.

Maine Grade Certification

The marine certified Panel PCs are designed for maritime applications with combined IoT integration to assist in vessel navigation, monitoring & surveillance, and ship automation systems. Winmate's Marine Series are all tested for DNV 2.4 Standards, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 to meet international maritime regulations.

Product Overview

Backplane Systems Technology offers an extensive portfolio of marine-centric products such as:

  • Panel Computers
  • Displays
  • Computers & Servers
  • Ethernet Switches/ IOT getaway

ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are built and tested according to DNV Standard Certification 2.4, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 for maritime applications. Color calibrated for ECDIS compliance, dimming brightness, projective capacitive multi-touch screen, and capacitive touch keys, and wide voltage range power input 9-36 V DC acceptable. Available in various sizes from 10.4" to 24" for Marine Chassis and Marine Flush Mount enclosure.

  • Wide dimming adjusting through PWM control (Optional for Panel PC)
  • Aluminum, anodized Flush Mountfront Bezel
  • IP65 front
  • Housing is Marine Powder coated to prevent saltwater corrosion
  • Protected glass, touch option
  • Isolated 9~36VDC broad voltage input
  • Anti-Shock and Vibration enhanced
  • Wide Viewing angle option
  1. RELIABLE COMPUTING CERTIFIED FOR MARINE APPLICATIONS- ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are built and tested according to DNV 2.4 Standard, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 to meet the marine industry's international regulatory requirements. Winmate performs in-house reliability tests to ensure optimal performance in harsh maritime environments.
  2. ECDIS RELIABILITY FOR THE REAL MARINE COLORS REPRESENTATION- ECDIS, Marine Panel PC users can adjust to a day, dusk, or night mode through the capacitive touch key to accommodate any lighting situation. Winmate calibrates color settings at the factory for accurate color reproduction according to the IEC61174 ECDIS Standard.
  3. SLEEK DESIGN FOR MODERN BRIDGE WORKSTATIONS- The surface is easy to maintain. The glass cover lens provides excellent protection from scratch and reduces the gap for a possible accumulation of dust and liquid. The true-flat surface also givesa slim and elegant appearance to the device that extends beyond the industrial standard, marine computers with a sleek and edge- to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options.
  4. ULTIMATE TOUCH EXPERIENCE - PCAP touch enhances the customer experience with multi- touch and easy control. Enjoy every communication and convenience when using the ECDIS Marine Panel PC, and experience the ultimate durability in some of the most demanding applications, such as bridge navigation and control.
  5. CONFORMAL COATING- Conformal coating is applied to electronic circuits to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that can lead to damage if uncoated (non-protected) or device failure. When an electronic device is required to withstand the extreme environment, the motherboard assembly houses must be coated with a transparent conformal layer.
  6. OPTICAL BONDING- Optical Bonding is suitable for sectors that use stringent display screens that must be visible in bright ambient light conditions. It provides high durability for the army, marine, clinical, transport, and retail industries due to its rugged operation environment. Resin layer added in optical Bonding also withstands shock.