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Do You Know Who Is Lost?

Supplier: Phocas Software By: Craig Medlyn
05 June, 2015

Remember back in school when you got to go on a field trip? The fun and excitement of getting out of the school grounds and going on an adventure.

Fun for us but not so much for the teachers and parents that had to make sure that everyone got on and off the bus, no one got lost and no one got left behind. Even on some trips, we would have the buddy system to share the load of making sure no one got lost.

So how does this relate to us in the business world? Well, if you sell lots of products to lots of customers, you have a high chance that some of those customers may become lost. I mean, it’s not like we can have the buddy system with our customers, can we?

All we have is customer service, the sales reps and us. But do any of us know if customers have stopped buying in the hundreds of sales and orders that go through every day?

And how would we know? I mean the sales reps have about 100 customers each to deal with and customer service don’t even have time to get a coffee let alone try and figure out who didn't call them in the last three months.

How can this be solved? Well quite simply by using your Business Intelligence tool of course. As a business, you will know what normal buying behavior is for your customers so you can quite simply ask a tool like Phocas to search for any customers that fall outside that behavior.

You can then go a step further share that information with your sales reps and customer service, put it on theirDashboard so they see it when they log in or even have it in their inbox every morning. With the right logic and tools, you can help reduce the amount of customers slipping through the cracks, make your sales and customer service teams more proactive and improve your company’s reputation.

So, if you are after a quick and easy way to make sure all customers are being well looked after, Watch Our Demo video to see how Phocas can help.

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