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Do you use your time & resources effectively?

Supplier: Pricer Australia
06 May, 2010

Do you use significant time and resources in changing shelf prices every week (printing, tearing, sorting, placing)?

Do You:

  • Use significant time and resources:
    • changing shelf prices every week (printing, tearing, sorting, placing)?
    • placing detailed shelf talkers every week (printing, tearing, sorting, placing)?
    • validating shelf prices periodically?
    • doing price checks at the register
  • Wish you could:
    • respond to competitive price changes more aggressively?
    • optimise pricing for time of day?
    • pptimise pricing to balance weekly margin?
    • display shelf level information to staff to help them order stock, merchandise product, and serve customers?

If you do, it’s time to reconsider Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

  • Pricer ESL will:
    • Automatically change all your prices on shelf in a few minutes.
    • Help you place generic shelf talkers, with 90% time savings over detailed shelf talkers.
    • Automatically validate every label in your store.
    • Virtually eliminate price checks.
    • Load information on hidden screens for staff us
  • They are now:
    • Affordable (positive ROI)
    • Accurate (2-way communications)
    • Long lasting (8+ year battery life)
    • Fast (200,000 changes per hour)
    • Feature rich (20+ screens of extra info available, electronic paper models, etc)