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Supplier: IPM Global

SUBMITTALS IPM ensures that every Submittal sent and every response received is accountable and accessible from within the Submittal record. IPM automatically tracks incomplete Submittals through a user-definable status system.

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Once a Submittal has been recorded, it can be viewed and retrieved instantly, along with the associated email communications. Search functions can also be used to search for all related communications. Both individual and system-wide workflows can be created by authorized users to facilitate follow-up processes.

Effective RFI management is essential to meeting budgets and scheduling targets – as well as ensuring the project team has access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information. IPM RFI streamlines and simplifies the RFI process by using native Microsoft Office® integration to create, view, and send RFIs from a single screen. 
Automatic filing ensures that the RFI and all related email communications are stored in document history for easy viewing and retrieval. Personal and system-wide workflows can easily be created to facilitate follow-up processes for each RFI document as it moves through its lifecycle.
IPM takes Transmittals into today's business environment with an increased focus on customization and professional presentation. Every data field within the Transmittal form can be personalized to suit the specific needs and requirements of any business.
IPM also uses the latest Microsoft graphical standards to ensure that every Transmittal appears professional and is familiar to Microsoft Office® users. The Transmittal log automatically stores every Transmittal created for the Job to give you quick information retrieval in the event of a dispute or claim. As with Submittals, both individual and system-wide workflows can be created by authorized users to facilitate follow-up processes.
IPM Meeting Minutes lets you record, distribute, and manage meeting items and action items quickly and easily. Set a reminder to appear in all attendees' Outlook® calendar and once meeting items are entered and attendees selected, a single mouse click can generate a PDF of the minutes that can be sent to all attendees via Outlook®. 
The PDF is automatically stored in document history, letting you search and retrieve previous meeting minutes whenever they are needed. IPM also allows the creation of a series of Meeting Minutes, which automatically updates items that are resolved and transfers outstanding items to a new meeting.
The IPM drawing register lets you attach, edit and send multiple drawings and revisions from a single screen. Integration with Microsoft Outlook® means that you can manage the drawing register without having to change applications – or even change screens. IPM has a built-in document tracking system that lets you view the status, history and version of every drawing. 
Users can view current and superseded versions of each drawing, as well as the drawing register communication log, which displays when each drawing version was received. Individual and system-wide workflows can be created by users to facilitate follow-up processes as each drawing moves through its lifecycle.
Entering field reports and daily logs has never been quicker or simpler than with IPM Site Diary. By using the latest Microsoft Dynamics® CRM offline client configuration, users can access, review and submit field reports and daily logs on site without the need for a connected workstation. The offline client allows users to view record and send information to the IPM Site Diary instantly, once communication with the server is established. 
When site diaries items are attached to Jobs in the system are finalized the IPM Workflow will automatically update the information within the Job Task Scheduling section. This ensures that when a Job status is updated on-site, project managers have access to the information instantly.
All projects carry some degree of risk and the IPM Risk register provides a convenient place to document and update the details of these risks. The status of the risk can then be managed centrally. Should a risk lead to some other change in the project, workflows can be created to generate RFIs, Change Requests or any other IPM document from any specific risk.
As projects are executed issues always arise from a variety of sources. The IPM issues register provides a centralized system for recording issues and allows other documents such as Change Requests and RFIs to be generated from a particular issue using standard Microsoft Dynamics® CRM workflows.
Identifying and correcting defects is crucial to ensure jobs are completed to a satisfactory level. With IPM Defects, you can create and store details of any defects that arise on a job, and assign them to a contact. Workflows can also be created to manage the resolution process.
Ensuring every task on your job is accounted for and gets done is now simpler with the Job Checklists function. It provides you with a convenient area to create and add checklists to your job, and assign each item on the checklist to a contact or user for completion. Check off each item once completed to ensure nothing gets missed, and both individual and system-wide workflows can be created to assist with the follow up process.
On the worksite, real-time site instructions help ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and to specification. IPM includes a Site Instruction tool that allows users to instantly send instructions to the worksite via a web browser or through Microsoft Outlook®. Once entered into the system, site instructions are delivered as PDF files, and are also stored in document history for easy access.
Ensure any potential changes to your schedule are well documented and if necessary, requests submitted for extensions. Use IPM's Extensions of Time customizable forms to help your team create professional looking request documents that contain all the information that is required. With the ability to link IPM's Extensions of Time documents to the subcontractor it is related to and the person who requested it, IPM ensures that every project has a detailed record of every extension.
When delays occur during projects IPM enables you to create a notice quickly and simply using customizable Notices of Delay forms that can be generated and filed for your records. Working within Outlook®, you can create, store and send any necessary Notices of Delay without leaving IPM. Create individual and system-wide workflows to assist with the follow up and approval processes and ensure all necessary schedules are updated.