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Document Manager V2.00

Supplier: Asken Business Technologies

The Document Manager allows you to manage files in a set of folders like pages in a document. Features include keyword search and easy editing of database entries. If you have a colection of files, of any type, this database makes managing those files easy.

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Document Manager V2.00
Product Code: DM001
For Microsoft Access: Version 2000
Operating System: As required for the relevant Microsoft Access version

 In Document Manager you specify a top level folder as the root folder (Manuscript) containing files. You then choose which sub-folders (Sections) and files (Documents) form part of the 'Manuscript'.

Each file and folder can be given its own title and description. Files can also be given keywords for searching on. This means that even graphics can be described fully and searched for later by their title, description or keywords.

Terminology, such as 'Manuscript', 'Section' and 'Document' can be customised by you to meet your needs.

The application can be installed with full-editing rights for a database administrator, or read only for staff who need to search for and access documents.

Suitable Uses

Quality Systems
If your quality system is made up of numerous documents, such as word processing documents, text files, spreadsheets, graphic files etc., this database makes managing those files much simpler, and gives your employees the ability to search for and view documents relevant to their duties.

Manuscript Development
If you are writing manuscripts that are composed of numerous files, use Document Manager to organise these files. By describing files fully you can easily search for and locate that graphic or text file you need. No need to decipher strange names or have complex naming conventions.

General File Organisation
If you want to simply organise your files, to give files more complete descriptions and then to search for files based on these description, this is an excellent document management tool.


  • Terminology customisation. Instead of calling root folders 'Manuscripts' and files 'Documents', you can call them anything you like.
  • Define as many root folders as 'Manuscripts' as you want.
  • Override normal alphabetical sorting and sort folders and files as you want.
  • Define your own titles for folders and files, as well as a complete description and keywords.
  • Complex searching for files on title, description and keywords.
  • Reports for printing out your 'Manuscript' structure, including all files with titles and descriptions.
  • Categorised list of reports.
  • Show your own logo and company name on application.
  • The application can be installed in two modes. FULL EDITING rights for staff responsible for maintaining the database, or READ ONLY for staff that need to search for and access documents, but should not be able to alter the database.
  • Split database configuration so the data can be stored on a server for common access and regular backup.
  • Multi-user so multiple copies of the front-end can be placed on numerous workstations accessing the same data on a server.
  • Simple link management for specifying the database location.

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