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DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ Tapered Grid Couplings Range

Supplier: ABB Australia

Size Does Matter; DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ Tapered Grid Couplings range now extends up to 13"

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1st November 2010 - DODGE® has one of the most expansive ranges of couplings on the market and has recently extended one of the more common lines. Over the years Baldor has been at the forefront of conveyor drive supply with its immensely successful DODGE® CST™ and MAGNAGEAR XTR™ reducers and Reliance® motors. As these drives have got bigger the need for larger couplings also occurs.

The DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ couplings for many years ended with the 1140T size, which allowed for bores up to 7.25". With the new additions, the DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ couplings now go all the way up to size 1200T to provide solutions for attaching shafts from 0.5" to 13.00". Now no other coupling in the DODGE® arsenal offers such an extensive range of torque capacity, ranging from 52Nm to 186425Nm.

With its technologically advanced design, the DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ coupling provides all the desired features in a metallic coupling: power density, misalignment capability, flexibility, and high quality construction. DODGE® quality is second-to-none.

The tapered grid element, combined with the contoured hub grooves, transmits torque efficiently while accommodating misalignment and cushioning shock loads. With hubs manufactured from machined steel and grids made from cold-worked alloy steel and is quenched and tempered for additional strength and long life, the DODGE® GRID-LIGN™ offers best-in-class performance.

Available in either close coupled, full spacer, or half spacer configurations, GRID-LIGN™ couplings can fit the needs of a multitude of applications. DODGE® offers GRID-LIGN™ couplings with a variety of shaft attachment methods: interference fit, TAPER-LOCK™ bushed, and clearance fit utilizing two set screws (one over the keyway and a second at 65 degrees for greater holding power).

"With these additions to the DODGE® GRID-LINE range", said Daniel Vera, Managing Director of Baldor Australia, "we now can offer the complete drive package for the largest overland conveyors. Motors, reducers, couplings, base, generators and drives are all available from the Baldor, Reliance®, DODGE® or Maska® range."

DODGE's engineering service and support personnel are prepared to assist you at any time with your most difficult application challenges.