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Does a tube with a Reflector produce twice the amount of light as without the Reflector

Supplier: Mirrorlux Reflectors
04 August, 2009

No. In most light fittings a tube with a reflector fitted will produce around 30% more useful light than a tube without a reflector, which equates to roughly 35% less than the amount of light produced by 2 tubes without reflectors. Its been our experience that lighting in many buildings is much more than 35% above the minimum standard as specified in AS1680 - but it will depend from room to room. If lighting is more than 35% above the standard you should be able to delamp and fit reflectors. If it isn't quite 35% above the standard you should still be able to delamp and fit a reflector, but instead of replacing the original tube use a brigher "triphoshpor" or "quadphosphor" tube to increase the amount of light provided by the tube with the reflector fitted behind it. This is what was done in the office photo above. To optimise the savings you can achieve you should do a room by room lighting evaluation, using our delamping kit.