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Dog Security Service | Compound

Supplier: H & H Security

Security dogs are specialist animals; able to detect intruders before typical security staff by their acute hearing and smell.

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Security dogs can provide adequate security especially at night where they can sense an intruder up to 500 meters away.

Compound Guard Dogs provide cost effective security protection for large areas such as

  • Industial Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Large properties
  • Storage areas and warehouses

How does Compound Dog Security Guards work

H&H Security can provide detailed information on how compound guard dogs can best secure your site, property, and assets.

Typically, compound dog security sites require a large perimeter fence line, such as a secure chain link fence, brick, fence, or some physical barrier to ensure that the compound security dog is kept away from the public, and within the confines of the property that is to be protected.

The fence should typically be at least 1.8 metres in height, and should be secure enough so as it would be difficult for a person to break or knock down.

Once H&H Security has ascertained that your property is suitable for use with our compound dog security service, a compund dog kennel is installed at the site that is to be protected.

A compund security dog kennel is around half the size of a typical shipping container, and ensures that the compund security dogs have adequate shelter, ventilation, and room to move.

Once installation of the guard dog kennel has been completed, a security guard dogs team consiting of two security dogs will be paired together on site, to provide security services.

On a typical day to day basis, when the compound guard dogs are to be released, the site manager will secure the perimeter fence, and will pull on the kennel dog release cord, allowing the kennel door to be opened, and releasing the guard dogs for duty.

During this time, a trained H&H Security dog handler will visit the guard dog site and conduct the following tasks,

  • Ensure that the guard dogs are in good health, and good spirits,
  • Provide fresh food and water within the kennel,
  • Inspect the kennel for damage, or potential problems,
  • Clean the kennel, ensuring that it is fit for use by the security guard dogs
  • Clean the surrounding area of any mess that may have been left by the security dogs.

Furthermore, the H&H Security dog handler will visit the compound dog premises at a time scheduled by the client to securely return the guard dogs back to their allocated kennel, allowing staff to return to the site and resume normal duties.